Kaibone-aruu chapter 2: The Arctic Wolf

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Kaibone-aruu chapter 2: The Arctic Wolf

Postby MarcusMode » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:20 am

Chapter 2 The Arctic Wolf:Kygoruki was still on the run with the hound maiaka students chasing him,As he was running he ran into The cave of Zero Tollerence.The students did not follow kygoruki because they knew that he had never been in the cave before.Kygoruki:Whew..Man..I thought I was dog food for sure, my God must be protecting me after all..He startes to shake.Man..Why is it so cold in he.....He stoped when he looked at his foot.What the?!..What kind of place is this??His whole body starts to freeze up.Gaaah!...Myserious student:Heh heh..I bet that fool kygoruki dint realize what he put himself in..Suits him right for trying to blend in with the wrong tribe.Kygoruki:All I have to say to this is second timothy 2:16......His head frozen up with the rest of his body.Zero tolerence is a cave that freezes anyone quicker than anything thats in the tiger tribe.Polar frost tribe guards dicided to take him back to their village since they knew who he was.Kygoruki had got out of his ice cloak thanks to the guards.Kygoruki:uuuugh....My head..He opend his eyes.Huh?Where am I?? Mysterious person:I am the leader of thePolar Frost tribe, and we would like to let you know, that we respect your culture.Because you are the key to this worlds victory from the tiger tribe.Kygoruki: uuh..Ok..Thank you for helping me..guard:Master kutsaiguy!!Queen Arctic wolf has been kidnaped!Kygoruki:Whos Arctic Wolf? Kutsaigai:Arctic Wolf Is the queen of this village,she needs to come back for our celebration,Kygoruki: Celebration of what?kutsaigai: everything will be revealed later.Kygoruki: alright,I will find her,In return of you helping me.He runs into the Arctic forest.
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