Voyage of Vengeance

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OOC - welcome back to life, thread. And I am so sorry it took me so long XD

-Barret Soback -

He woke with a massive headache. Shaking his head groggily, he sat up. Of course, than the world started swimming and he struggled to stay upright. Finally though, it cleared, and he could see around again.
He was surprised to see Aldis and the others up and moving around outside the cells. He blinked, then leapt up and rushed outside the cell.
Aldis was speaking to the ragged pirate, Something about water and the Cuetain's quarters. The others were working among the wounded and the mentally damaged. Slowly, he started toward the dakkrd- obsessed girl, who was crouched next to some guy with an utterly helpless expression and saying idiot things. Snorting, he walked over and crouched beside her.
"Idiot,you're no comfort when yw talk like that," he said. "' The Darklord and her servant will help you, be grateful!' I mean, seriously!"
Of course, he wasn't entirely sure what to do himself. He'd always avoidd the side before, as it made him feel uncomfortable. He felt ready awkwwd now too.
"Um, hey,"he said weakly, trying to sound like he knew what he was doing. "Buck up. We're going to be fine."

-Aldis Heiss-
He listened to Maxwell with resignation. "Well then, find some rum. If we can't have water we'll take alcohol. Oh, and if I catch you drinking without my leave, I'll throw you over the side myself."
"Why even bother?" A surly voice snapped. Aldis glanced over to see a sandy haired man with a scowl behind him. "We're all gonna die anyway. Why should we bother?"
Aldis stared at him with a silent, unblinking gaze till the man fidgited. "Why?" He said softly. "Because I fully intend to return home, or sink them. Both, preferably, but I do not fancy going down with them. However, if that is my only choice, I will not hesitate to take it." There was a smoldering fire In his eyes, a dangerous aspect that seemed to fill him. Suddenly, the thin, wiry body was a being of power, something to fear and avoid. The scowler stumbled back, clearly unsettled, suddenly doubtful if confronting hi had been best. "I will usemyself to this end. And yes, I will use all of you too. Not one of us will live in slavery, if all goes as should. The worst that could happen..." He suddenly smiled brightly, his whole face lighting up, which was somehow more terrifying than the other. "Is we will all die. Still, better that then slaves for life, correct? At least we'll be with our people again there."
The man muttered something and retreated. Aldis watched him, contemplating.
"That one, and others like him, will be trouble. I should kill him now," he murmured, so low it was unlikely any heard. "But...he is of us. I shall wait, though it may be our undoing." He shook his head sadly.

-Aliera Fae-
Aliera sat to the side, absently chewing on a fingernail. The bench was a little wobbily, but she hardly noticed, so intently was she watchjng the ship come together again.
Elizabeth had been amazing. Every metalworker or shipbuilder who'd shooed her away earlier with talk of their own troubles has been bullied into the shipyard, fixing the one ship that had, while being severely damaged, not sunk afer all. Both masts has fallen through the hull, one almost exactly upside down, and a man had joked that it was a ship on stilts, which was why ithad lived. As for its avoiding the fires, only a miracle ould explain that. And now they were making her seaworthy again.
Gnawing contentedly on a fingernail, Aliera watched them. Every now and then one would stop, make as if to leave, then glance about guiltily and get back to work. Aliera giggled, remember ing the one Elizabeth had caught tryjng to leave. She'd seen her father watching fromthe hall with a faintsmile, though he moved on without saying anything.
Absently, with her freehand, she made threeeggs which she juggled one-handed with perfect ease. She missed one, which flew a short distance and vroke, trailing egg yoke and white. Smiling mischievously, she kept juggling the two in hand, watchjng. Potentially, someone might step in it. And if they believed it was real egg....
Giggling, she waited to see.
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