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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Oddood198 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:18 pm

Jean ran through the pouring rain, breathing hard but not out of breath yet. He had a handgun held readily, pointed at the ground as he ran, but as yet hadn't had a chance to use it. Claire was right behind him, cradling her rifle in her arms, and Jean knew panic was threatening to override her senses. Claire was relatively new, and hadn't been in situations like this, unlike Jean. Well, maybe not this bad...
"Do you think Mitchell will be OK?" Claire asked as they paused for a breath, crouching down behind cover of a parked car. Mitchell had decided to try and draw the sniper's attention, and had split up from Jean and Claire. The plan was to go up to the roof of one of the buildings and take a sniper hostage, but they couldn't do it in one group taking all the enemy fire.
"Don't worry about him, he's been through as many scrapes as me." Jean said, taking a glance up over the car, "All right, there's one of them on top of the hospital a block down. We'll move that way and try to get him."
"Good a place as any..." Claire mumbled, but seemed ready to go.
Jean gave a brief count, and on 'three' they both burst out of cover, dashing down the sidewalk toward the specified target. A bullet whizzed right by Jean's ear, and he felt it graze his cheek, he grunted in pain, but kept running. Soon, they were at the front doors of the hospital, Jean pulled at the handle but they didn't budge.
"Jean, what's the hold up?" Claire asked, looking down the barrel of her rifle to make sure no one was coming up behind them.
"Door's locked. Very bad sign." Jean said, stepping back and taking stock of the situation. The hospital door was under an alcove, made to keep rain out but it worked to obscure sniper shots just as well. "Aeon, you brilliant scum..." He muttered.
"What? What's wrong now?" Claire asked, not looking away from her vigil.
"He planned this whole thing, he organized it so we'd see the sniper on the rooftop here, and so we'd maneuver ourselves into a trap. A hospital wouldn't lock it's doors at this time of day, and I don't see any lights on inside, he's probably taken control of the entire building by now." Jean explained absently, pulling out his phone and sending a quick message. "Mitchell will attempt to meet us here, but if he thinks the area's too hot, he'll find some other course of action. We'll wait five minutes for him, then storm the place." He told her, sitting down on the ground next to the doors, keeping his gun ready.
Claire dropped down to one knee, taking a glance back at him, "We're going IN?" She asked, "But you just said Aeon's probably captured it, he could have dozens of people inside!"
"No choice," Jean said, tearing off a scrap from his sleeve and pressing it against the cut on his cheek, "He wanted us here, he won't let us leave. We take one step out of here, we'll probably be eating bullets from twenty snipers. Not to mention the rain."
Claire sighed, then sat next to Jean. She was silent for a few seconds before she spoke next, and when she did it was in a quiet, cracking tone. "We're gonna die, aren't we?"
Jean looked down and saw tears running down her face. We probably will. He realized, And I dragged her into this. My obsession with revenge will be the death of everyone. "No." He said, "No, none of us are going to die. If anyone's dying today, it'll be Aeon." He spoke to convince Claire, but doubted he was being persuasive, he sure didn't believe it.
Claire sniffled, then wiped her eyes. "I just hope I can see my family again. Just one more time before..." She gulped, "I haven't even visited in weeks. They think I'm just busy with work down at the precinct. I never had the heart to tell them I left."
Jean was silent, he wasn't good at comforting people, and he knew it. He just let her talk, each word breaking his cold heart a bit more.
"My sister plays Infinite, y'know." Claire continued, "Lots of kids her age do. Hm, kids, she actually turned nineteen this year, but I still see her as that little girl I would tuck into bed when our parents were gone. I wish I could have tucked her in one more time."
Claire's voice broke on the last word, and she tried to hold back sobs. Jean sighed inwardly, then put an arm around her, "You're not going to die, Claire." He said, "Even if everyone on in this battle dies, you'll make it out. You may be beaten, battered, bloodied, and riddled with bullets, but I swear you are going to live. I'll make sure you can tuck your sister in again, and go back home every day."
Claire continued to sob and cry for a few minutes, but soon managed to get control of herself. "OK, thanks, Jean." She said, then stood up. "How're we doing on time?"
Jean checked his phone, eight minutes past and no Mitchell. "It's time. We're going without him." He stood up and nodded to Claire, she nodded in return and aimed her gun at the door. Jean stepped forward and shot the door's lock, then kicked it in, raising his gun in front of him.

OOC: Hey, Jean does have a heart!
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Sat Feb 01, 2014 9:32 pm

"Yeah, I really do have to get going, too. Duty calls, and all that good stuff."
Zare stood up, brushing his pants off.
"Yeah, I'd love to meet up again tomorrow. I can't guarantee I'll be on first thing, but I'll try to get here as soon as possible."
Zare gave Ash a casual salute, then logged out.

Pulling off the headset, Eric stood up, making his way to the door. He knew he should spend some time with his mom. Between work and Infinite, it seemed like he didn't see her much anymore. Funny, he'd gone from vowing he'd never return to Infinite, to deciding it was okay as long as he didn't get serious and kept everybody at a distance, to finding himself always wondering how soon he could get back on. Things had changed a lot lately, and it was really just because of one random person. Shrugging, Eric pushed the thoughts aside. Regardless, he needed to focus on his current life, and not overwhelm himself with stuff he couldn't handle. His first priority was to his mom.

"Ha!" Kenji smiled, a mischievous glint in his eye. "Well, no hard feelings when I watch you get destroyed before my very eyes. After all, a master of illusion is the best at avoiding trouble. And I don't like spending money."
Kenji closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths. He wouldn't let on that he was pretty nervous. If Caesar was less than level 50, and Kenji wasn't even close to 30...Well, this wasn't going to end well.
Satisfied that he'd collected enough concentration and energy to conjure up whatever he might need, Kenji opened his eyes, his lopsided grin returning. He pulled out his daggers, dashing ahead of Caesar. As long as there was no hope, he saw no need to be careful, so he charged ahead with reckless abandon.
Skidding to a stop, Kenji cocked his head in curiosity when he encountered a huge pit carved into the ground. At first glance it just looked like a hole created by lava, some sort of release for the smoke and steam that rose out of it. Just part of the volcano that loomed a ways ahead of them. But when Kenji wandered over to the edge to see how far down it was, he caught a glimpse of what looked like a glint. Was something reflecting down there? And if it was, what on earth could it be reflecting? The sky was dark and foreboding overhead, no sign of the sun. Kenji was extremely puzzled, until the glint moved, wavering back and forth. In a second, it was joined by a second one, and Kenji realized what it was. A pair of glowing eyes. Shooting a light ray into the pit, Kenji watched as it lit up the bottom. He grimaced a bit at the sight that met his eyes, but then decided to ignore the warning signals going off in his head.
"Hey, Regal," he commented casually, assuming Regal had caught up with him by now. He didn't look up, but kept his eyes fixed in the pit. " you know anything about fire-breathing dragon-looking centipede monsters? I'm hoping I'm wrong, but they seem like bad news..."
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:06 pm

OOC- Jean has a heart? No way...
Anyway, next installment to the Ash/Caesar relationship coming up!

6 Years Ago, give or take continued...
Caesar ducked just in time, diving to the side in a desperate attempt to escape the monster. The monster, half dog half some other beast, rushed him again. Caesar scrambled back then got quickly to his feet and flung out his hand, sending out wind at the monster like cutting blades. The beast howled and leapt back and Caesar ran towards it. It snapped at him, but he moved just enough to avoid it. Feeling awfully clever, he took a swipe at it. But it suddenly turned. faster than he thought, and sank its fangs into his side. He screamed in agony as his entire side was torn open. The dog flung him against the wall, were he sank to the ground half stunned. Snarling, it lunged at him for the final kill.
Suddenly, he was airborne. Ash carried him a ways away, then glanced at his side. It wasn't gory, more like how meat looks when its been bitten, only data speckled. "Never seen that before," he commented, giving Caesar a healing drought. Then he turned to the monster, lunging. In a brief battle, the monster died and vanished in a data cloud, leaving a chest behind. Ash took whatever was in the chest, then walked back to Caesar and sat down, eying him expectantly.
"Thank you," Caesar said reluctantly.
"Don't worry about it," Ash said. "You know, you did rather well, considering your level. I almost didn't want to interrupt." He glanced further on, then said, "Well, there's still quite the ways to go. Shall we try again?"
Caesar studied him a moment, then nodded doubtfully. "I suppose...I will need a stronger companion."
Ash grinned. "Then lets move." He stood, then paused as something occurred to him, "Oh...and here."
Caesar received a message that he had been granted a present. He pulled it out, and found a new armor in his pack. He glanced questioningly at Ash.
"You did well against the monster. I think you deserved it." and Ash walked off.
Caesar stared after him a while. then shook his head and followed.

"Right. Good night."
Ash watched Zare leave, his face clear and empty. For a moment, he stood there silently, then vanished. If you had looked closely, however, you could see just the littlest drop, brighter than crystal, on his cheek.
--- --- ---
"Hey, anyone in here?" Ash called as he entered his mother's room. She was sitting on the floor, holding what looked like a kaleidoscope, and was murmuring to herself. A lady sat on the bed watching her, and to her he turned. "How is she, Ms. Jean?"
"She's doing well, Mr. Landon," she replied. Sighing, she stood, closing her book. "I'll be back tomorrow."
"Thank you," he said fervently. As she passed, she gently touched his shoulder.
"Don't worry," she said gently. "It'll be okay."
He nodded softly, and she closed the door behind her. He walked over to his mom and sat beside her, just watching her as she stared through the kaleidoscope. "Its me," he said quietly. "Your son, Stephen."
She pulled away from the scope to stare at him, her pretty blue eyes wide open. But there was something cloudy in them, a confusion behind the childish glow. It wracked his soul to see it. "Mr. Landon?" she said.
"Stephen," he corrected. "Your son."
She blinked at him, then returned to the kaleidoscope. He stared at her quietly, his heart breaking.
"I'm your son," he whispered. "i, Stephen, and my brother Pierce. We were your children. You married John Landon over thirty years ago. Mom...come back to us." A tear slipped down his face, followed by another. "Mom, come back!"
He felt a hand on his head. "Where is Mom?" she asked.
He almost heard his heart snap into another piece.

"Hey!" he shouted, but Kenji was already gone in the distance, lost in the rising smoke and ash. Caesar shook his head, then started after him, watching the ground to try and trace the unpredictable's path. Eventually, after almost falling into half a dozen different fire pits, he located Kenji on the edge of another one. "You know, your habit of running off is going to-"
" you know anything about fire-breathing dragon-looking centipede monsters? I'm hoping I'm wrong, but they seem like bad news..."
He glanced down. For a long while, he said nothing. Then he started rubbing his eyes. "No. But I do know they're bad news." he sighed, shaking his head. "Any good ideas on how to approach it? I think not from the front, due to that flame, but where's the best spot..."

"We'll leave the Void. I do not fancy visiting with Hadrian here."
He turned, throwing out his hand as he created another portal. He looked down at Ke'Tala, who had not moved. "Well? You want to stay?"
"I...I can hardly move," she said falteringly. His harsh and abrasive manner almost scared her. did he really hate them so much?
Muttering something unpleasant, he suddenly grabbed her arm and started dragging her. She couldn't hold back a cry as the ground dug into her wounds. Arachni ignored her, passing through the portal. The bleak landscape changed to one flaming red. They were deep within the core of the volcano. Magma boiled around them, but Arachni seemed perfectly at ease. Ke'tala, on the other hand, was sweating. Not just from the heat either. Why here?
"Why did you get into my account, Amber?" he asked. He extended his hand toward her, closing his fist. Ke'Tala felt a pressure surround her, and began to panic. before she could move, he had her hanging in the air above one of the lava pits. "If your answers don't suit me, I'll drop you," he explained in a strange, almost dreamy voice. He seemed to be enjoying her fear.
"Pierce-" She fell just a bit. Sighing, she tried again. "I did it because I was worried about you, Arachni. We had no clue where you were, no way of contacting you, so I tried to find any hints in your account." She suddenly dropped alarmingly fast, stopping abruptly about two feet from the lava. "Its the truth Pierce!" she shouted frantically.
He lowered her another inch for the name slip. "Truth comes in many different forms, Ke'Tala," he replied. "Why did you reply to Maximius and run off to fight him?"
"I was angry at the way he was treating you. Arachni, are we to be punished for caring?" she pleaded. "Garrison, Shaka Amity and I, we all care for you very much.Why can't you see that? Why, Pierce?"
He studied her through narrowed eyes, then suddenly jerked his arm away. The grip on her was released, and she started falling. Frantically she tried to open her wings, but something held them locked behind her. She felt an incredible heart and threw her arms before her face to block from the heat.
Suddenly, she fell face-first into a pile of snow. She raised her head, recognizing the field in Siccilian. he had spared her after all. She pushed herself to her knees, looking around. He stood about the same distance fro her on the rise, his back to her and his head tipped back. She watched him a moment,t hen stood and walked over to him.
"Just what kind of angel are you?" he asked suddenly.
"I am the Angel to the Unforgiven," she answered quietly, standing behind him. "Though to most I'm simply the Angel of Vengeance."
He nodded softly. "I see."
"You may call me Pierce." he shook his head. "I am sorry for the display earlier. I was curious how you would react."
She looked relieved, he noted. He smiled to himself. "Pierce, please, let us be with you. We all care so much about you. I care so much..." She reached out, touching his shoulder. He didn't pull away, didn't move at all. She took a deep breath, then plunged in headlong. "I love you Pierce. I want to be with you, through everything. Please..."
"Love, eh?" he said. He suddenly laughed, and she recoiled as if he'd struck her. His laugh was bitter and hateful. "There's a lot of love all around, they say. But none of it is real. Look around you, its everywhere, their false love. And you. How real is your love?" he shook his head. "Everyone claims they care. Until its too much trouble, or until they can gain something from its ending. What a miserable waste."
"Pierce..." She clenched her fists. "Distrustful fool!" she suddenly cried. "You're afraid of being betrayed like you betrayed everyone else, so you push everyone out! Do you think you'll find real love that way?!"
"And at last, you're angry," he chuckled. That cut her short as she started at him in surprise. He smiled, staring at the stars. "Oh silly girl. Give me a reason to trust and believe you. A reason to let you in."
"What proof do you need?" she asked quietly.
"Sacrifice," he said. "Give yourself up for me. No, I don't mean kill yourself, or any of the other "love" nonsense. I mean do for me what I've done for you guys." he turned and smirked at her. He held up his hand, the one that had once taken a bullet to protect her. "I've sacrificed myself for you, only to be back-stabbed by some of those I protected. Show me you're any different. Sacrifice your life to save mine. Then I'll believe you."
"But Pierce, how? Where are you?"
"Like I'll tell you. Do this on your own, stupid. I'm not going to help you." He turned away and took a few steps away from her. "Our connections have been terminated, and I've moved our hidden base, so don't go looking for me. Farewell, Ke'Tala." and he teleported.
Ke'Tala stood there, alone, shocked into silence. Then, her knees began to shake, and she collapsed. "No....why....Oh Pierce...." Tears. One by one they fell, landing in the frozen snow. One by one they formed a frozen puddle, tears falling like rain. She flung her head back and screamed, a scream of heartfelt pain and loss.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:14 pm

Kenji opened his mouth to speak, but it was drowned out by an ear splitting screech that dragged out for about ten seconds. Kenji stood with his ears covered, grimacing. When he'd recovered himself, he had the sense to jump back, away from the pit. And not a second too soon. A gentle rumbling shook the ground beneath their feet, then the next thing he knew, the creature came shooting straight up out of the hole. It hovered in midair with the aid of two small, unattractive wings behind it's head. The thing was bright red, with a long, thin body that hung down. It had a multitude of small legs that writhed in the air, and it almost gave a spiraling pattern to it's movements. By the looks of it, it's advantage was more on the ground than moving, but it probably had some dangerous airborne attacks that put those wings to good use. It's glance darted back and forth between Kenji and Caesar, as if it couldn't decide which one to eat first. It's choppy movements indicated that it was pretty fast.
"Great, you woke it up," Kenji said accusingly.
Though Kenji wasn't familiar with this terrain, he could tell that this was just a normal dungeon monster, and not even a boss. But considering the level they were playing in, that made it the equivalent of a major boss for Kenji. And there was a good chance there was one in almost each of these holes. So if they didn't want to wake up more of them and be completely overwhelmed, they're maneuverability was limited, since they needed to stay near this hole to avoid drawing the attention of other ones.
"So, what exactly do you want to do here?" Kenji asked, but didn't have time to wait for Caesar's answer when the insect launched itself toward him. He dived out of the way at the last second, scraping his shoulder against a rock. He ignored it, throwing his hand out to create an illusionary cage that "trapped" the dragonoid. The creature hesitated, looking confused and uncertain.
"There's your chance," Kenji called casually, hoping Caesar would think of something before either the illusion gave out or the centipede "broke out". Hopefully it would be the former, because once it realized he used illusions, it would be harder to deal with.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:00 pm

Caesar leapt back as the creature came out, and he raised his rapier. Kenji formed a cage around it, and shouted that it was "his chance". What chance? How the heck was he to even begin fighting this thing?
"Well, here goes nothing," he sighed, and "slipped" through the bars that, while close enough together to "hold" the centipede in, were large enough for him to walk through. The monster saw him and instantly turned on him. He smiled softly, then dove aside. The creature landed and followed quickly, moving at an incredible speed. However, he was used to moving quickly too, and danced aside, striking with his rapier. It really just bounced off the creature's hide, and only seemed to infuriate the creature. This prompted it to be faster, and it curved sharply to strike at him. He danced aside again, this time using wind to rise up into the air and fly above it, thrusting. He managed to strike it in the eye, and this appeared to be a weak point. The creature recoiled, then shot at him. Caesar ducked just in the time, then realized the creature was about to strike the illusional bars. He flung his hand back quickly, using wind to smash the thing back to the ground. "That was close," he muttered. Once it realized it wasn't so constrained, it was going to be much tougher. "Kenji! Attack its eyes!" he shouted, dancing around it to keep it busy. It had struck him at one point, because his hit points were down almost to zero. Taking a health drought, he downed it and dodged again, keeping the monster focused on him.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Oddood198 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:38 pm

The reception/lobby area of the hospital was completely dark, not a single light anywhere. Jean crouched against a wall and took a small flashlight out of his pocket, and Claire flicked on a light attached to her rifle. The two swept their lights around the dark room, keeping a lookout for something, anything, that would tip them off to a threat.
"All clear." Jean said after a second, relaxing and lowering his gun, but keeping his flashlight raised. Claire let out a pent-up breath and also lowered her weapon, keeping it high enough to use the light on it, as well.
There was a sudden screeching sound, which put both of them up in arms again, but it subsided after a second. "Intercom, stay quiet." Jean whispered, and Claire nodded.
"Ah, Mr. Kent, how nice to see you. Well, not in person, not just yet, but on the video cameras at least." A pleasant, warm voice sounded out from the unseen speakers throughout the building. "I must say, I have enjoyed watching your hunting game every step of the way, and now you've finally found me! How exciting. Do you know, nobody has ever made it this far in catching me. Everyone else who has come after me has met an... untimely demise. Oh, they haven't died, of course. Well, not immediately, at least, most of them. But you! You're something entirely different from them, truly an elite detective, perhaps even a genius, not on the level of myself, naturally, but a cut above the rest. It's sad, really, if you weren't so bent on your revenge against me, I would happily welcome you to work by me. But, unfortunately, I know you better than that."
Jean moved his flashlight around until he found a security camera mounted on the corner of a wall, he aimed his light directly at it and looked into it. "So what, is this where you flood the building with gunmen and have us murdered? Just like you had Cally and Brian killed?"
Silence for a moment, then the enthusiastic reply. "Ah, of course! To a degree, at least. I have my men inside the building already, who all have their strict orders and plans laid out to them. I also have my men outside, of course, but I've ordered them not to interfere unless you leave the building, it would be simply unfair otherwise. No, Mr. Kent, you're going to die here, make no mistake, but you're going to at least entertain me while you do it."
"Where are the patients and staff of the hospital?" Jean asked suddenly. It seemed like the entire building was abandoned, and he wanted to know if Aeon had gotten more blood on his hands.
"Ah, ever the cop, aren't you, Mr. Kent? Always worried about the civilians. Not to worry, I had them all evacuated to a safe location before any of my armed men even arrived here. I'm not so heartless as to get the sick and innocent in the crossfire of my little games."
My left boot you aren't. jean thought. "And what happens when we fight through all your goons here? Then your snipers take us out?"
A laugh echoed over the intercom and through the empty hallways of the hospital. "My, my, so confident! I simply love it! Well, if you do manage to defeat all of my men here, then you get... me! That's right, I'm in this building right now, on the top floor, but where exactly is for you to find out! It's like hide and seek, and tag, but with a lot of guns and death. Oh, but look, I've spent too long explaining the rules, and now it's almost time for the game to start. Well, you're a smart man, Mr. Kent, I'm sure you can figure out everything I missed. Good luck, Mr. Kent, and it will be my sincere pleasure to bury you!"
There was static over the intercom for a second, then silence.
Jean sighed, checking the ammunition clip in his gun, it looked as if there would be some fighting yet. "Well, this is just-"
"Jean!" Claire shouted, and he whirled around just in time to raise his gun at the trio of armed men that came running into the room. For just a second, the room seemed brightly lit from the lethal flashes, and the sound of gunfire echoed out. Almost as soon as it started, the light and noise ceased. "Status?" jean said.
"Unhurt, need a moment." Claire replied. jean turned his light to see her, and found she was pulling her MP3 player out of her pocket and putting her headphones in. She pressed a few buttons on the device, then sighed and even managed a small smile. Claire was always listening to her music or whatever it was whenever she had the opportunity, and Jean had never seen her not completely relaxed when it was playing. "Ready to move." She said, taking her rifle back in her hands, and immediately the two started moving.

OOC: I'll probably just need a handful more posts here, wish this one was more productive. Hope this isn't too boring for you all to read (assuming you all even read my posts anymore :dizzy: ).
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:41 pm

Sweat dotted Kenji's brow, from the heat as well as the effort of keeping the cage up. He was stretching his time limit with this one, as well as draining his energy. Caesar's voice caught his attention, saying something about the eyes. Sure enough, it's eyes looked a bit vulnerable, and were probably the only part of it that was. Kenji released the cage illusion, quickly replacing it with another one. He hoped the insect wouldn't catch on. Pulling out his daggers, Kenji took them between three knuckles, then pulled his arm back and threw them as hard as he could, telekinetically directing them toward the dragonoid's left eye. The creature screamed in pain, and Kenji created a larger cage to "hold" the creature as it thrashed in pain, so that it wouldn't accidentally go through the bars. Sooner or later, though, he would have to give up on the cage idea and focus his concentration on something else. The size and intensity of the cage made it almost impossible to create any other illusions at the same time.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:12 pm

Everything settled, he closed the door and bid her goodnight. He locked the door, as she had a habit of wandering. She had been changing recently from childish to...more confused than anything. Like she couldn't understand what was around her. It worried him.
Tomorrow, he had a job to go to. It was later in the day, so he'd have time to game in the morning, escape a painful reality. He collapsed on the bed, grunting. The lottery winnings...he could build a whole new life for himself. Perhaps he could get a doctor for his mom. But that meant rejoining the world, trusting another being. He wasn't sure he could do that, not even for him mom. Too many untrustworthy people in the world. Who could he trust her to?
Sighing, he rolled over and closed his eyes.

When her eyes opened, she could see the sunlight pouring in through the windows. Slowly, she sat up, looking around. It seemed relatively early, as no one appeared to be awake.
She opened her pack and found a couple of snack bars, which she quietly breakfasted on. She mulled over what she'd learned last night, the inside information on Loki. The stuff was good enough that she could force him honest, whichever way the fight went. She could take care of it now...but she felt she didn't want to do it without at least letting Trent know. It didn't seem polite...or something else.
With a little groan, she fell back onto the couch. Actually, there was something she could do. She pulled out her console and put it on quickly.
--- --- ---
Kiari opened her eyes to find she lay on grass. She sat up slowly, feeling a little dizzy.
"Hey, sleeping beauty's awake," Michaelis said, coming up from behind her. "Welcome back."
"Where are we?" Kiari asked, rubbing her eyes.
"Hello to you too. We're somewhere just outside the Wilderness."
She nodded. Great. Better than we were." She shook her head. "I have a solution to my little problem."
"Excellent. can we go rest now?"
Rolling her eyes, she nodded and sent him and Astral back, then began composing a message to Loki. She kept it brief, telling him she accepted his challenge and would meet him in a couple of hours. That done, she sent it and logged out.

The cage grew bigger to hold the thrashing monster, and Caesar was hard-pressed to dodge the monstrous thing. He saw something like mad rage in its eyes, and suddenly, it was upon him. There was a loud screaming, whether it was his own or the monster's he wasn't sure, but he was definitely scored on. He dove between its jaws and managed to get behind it. He collapsed as the thing considered the cage, trembling as his energy points hit just above zero. "That was pretty bad..." He quickly reached into his pack for a health potion...just as the creature turned again. The creature shrieked and charged. He shouted and dove aside...losing his grip on the bottle. It went rolling away and out the bars, going right through them. He grimaced and tried for another, dodging and weaving around the monster. "I swear...." He jumped up. "I....." He raised his rapier. Wind began lacing up and down the blade. "Hate...." He drove it between the monster's eyes. "....BUGSSS!"
It shrieked in agony as he tore its entire face off. He dove to the side, crouching, waiting as the creature writhed in agony. The monster's green blood stained his coat and was splattered across his face, but he payed it no mind. He did however finally heal his HP.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Banana Lobster » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:55 pm

OOC: WARNING! WARNING! Wall of text ahead! Don't say I didn't warn you! :lol: Oh, and when she wraps the rope around it, it looks kinda like this.

Sage Shade

Shade groaned and twisted another length of seaweed, tying the light green plant around her wrist next to the last two. When she came down this tunnel, she hadn't been expecting another stupid maze! But here she was, swimming through another one. Luckily, this one wasn't made of mirrors, which made it easier, not to mention that it was underwater; her element. This one seemed smaller than the last one, too.

Up ahead, the light seemed to branch out, signifying the end of the maze. Shade stopped at the edge of the rock walls and twisted a forth strip of seaweed (turquoise again), tying it around her other wrist. She had a bad feeling about this; she didn't want to run out of light if she had to fight. Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself out, letting herself drift.

It was pure luck that she was looking in the right direction when it attacked; it would have torn through her otherwise. She used the water to push herself down sharply, slashing upwards with her dagger as it passed. She felt resistance as the blade passed through it, but she didn't think she did much damage; the monster didn't even slow, shooting past her into the shadows. Now on high alert, she closed her eyes, using her magic to feel for the next attack.

Her eyes snapped open and she let out a howl of pain as something tore through her already-injured leg; claws shredding her boot and the impact snapping the bones in her shin and foot. Next to her, she could see the monster that had attacked her; It looked like a small, black wolf, but it had no mouth, or eyes. Its left hind leg hung at an odd angle; the wound she had inflicted before. She could barely see its claws, and she realized it was her blood clouding the water around them that created the effect. It lashed out, and she pushed herself down, untying the seaweed from around her wrists before tying them together around her neck. She pulled out a single-use healing amulet from her belt, using its soothing magic to fix her leg as she phased from human to equine, her hooves slamming against the dark rocks as she ran.

She saw the wolf leap out of the shadows to one side and she leapt, the smaller creature flying past underneath her. The gently curving walls never seemed to end, so she stopped and backed against the wall, her eyes darting around, trying desperately to to spot the wolf as it attacked. It seemed to be able to move through the shadows, so by backing against the wall, she shrank the number of angles it could attack from. But because the walls curved, there were still too many sides to watch all at once, and Shade wished she had brought someone along to watch her back. Maybe Lydia, she had to have some kind of creature that could breathe under water; or maybe Meeka. Shade didn't know what powers or abilities she had, but the other girl had to have been around for a while; her gear was too high-level for a beginner.

Seemingly giving up on hiding in the shadows, the wolf shot out of the shadows, faster then it had before, headed straight for her neck. She reared up and lashed out with her hooves in a last-ditch attempt to defend herself, forcing it to slow for a few moments, giving her the time she needed to shuffle forwards just enough to slam her hooves down on its head. With her standing on top of it and stamping down hard, with no shadows to vanish into, the wolf was quickly crushed. Shade panted, staring at the black remains as they turned to dust, dissipating in the current. Why hadn't she been able to sense its coming with her magic?

Calming herself, she closed her eyes and began the transformation back, ignoring the pop-up informing her of her jump to the next level. (And the new item 'Fiendish Claws') She had just gotten used to the sensation of having fingers again when something slammed into her, sending her tumbling, despite her attempts to stop herself. When she finally stopped, she looked up, and was surprised to see a humanoid floating above her. Its form was androgynous, and it had no facial features save a slender nose and long, pointed ears. Something about its posture seemed angry though, and Shade's temper flared in response.

"What," she snapped, "was that your pet or something?!"

In reply, the water around its hand solidified into a spear, which it threw at her. Shade barely managed to move far enough to one side for it to pass harmlessly by. But another was already on the way, and she was forced to duck underneath it. Then roll to the side to avoid yet another. Her usually quick reflexes seemed to have slowed, and she was having trouble breathing, like the water itself was pushing in on her, slowly crushing the air from her lungs. It wasn't until she sidestepped another spear and stepped directly into the path of the current-which suddenly sped up and changed direction, slamming her into the rock wall-that she realized what was going on.

This creature was another Water Master! She pushed out, and the pressure around her vanished, allowing her to take a deep breath. She reached into her pouch and pulled out a piece of Crystal Candy, popping it into her mouth and biting down hard. As it dissolved, she felt strength racing through her again. She stood up straight, easily reaching out and catching the next spear before it hit, her exhaustion from the previous battles gone. She crushed the spear, dissolving it back into plain water, and smiled at the +100-level monster in front of her.

"Now we fight on even terms."

Shade launched herself forwards, her daggers in hand. The creature leapt towards her, its latest spear becoming double-headed, and longer. No matter how many times they struck, or how quickly, they were either blocked or evaded. It suddenly dove down, pulling up just before impact, racing along the floor. Behind it, the water solidified into large spikes which shot up at her. Shade either evaded them or sliced through them, emerging unharmed.

But she was forced to stop and twist another piece of seaweed instead of chasing after him. Unfortunately, that was when it went on the attack again. As she tugged the knot tight, razor-sharp rocks came out of the shadows, catching her by surprise and cutting through her tunic and pants, slicing into skin. She tried to harden the water around her to create a shield to protect herself, but it seemed like the water itself was fighting her.

Suddenly, the resistance vanished, but at a price; all around her, at least a dozen copies of her opponent appeared, each one with a water-weapon in hand. She threw a dagger at one of them, but it just raised a hand and the blade stopped a foot away from it. It flicked its wrist and her dagger flew down, the blade screeching against the stones somewhere in the shadows beneath her. Shade flinched, both at the sound and the loss of her weapon. She stuck her dagger into her belt and equipped her scythe; they may be copies, but those weapons would hurt. Her best option was to keep them at a distance until she found the real one.

She made several demonstrations, before striking out at the one directly behind her, the scythe's curved blade slicing right through it without any resistance. Not that one then. She made another two demonstrations before slicing through another, this one in the one-o'clock position. Not that one either. Now they realized what she was doing and attacked all at once. Luckily, she had kept up her shield, and three slid through it; more clones. Shade dodged their attacks and sliced through the nine-o'clock clone; now instead of only a 1-in-12 chance of hitting the real one, she had a 1-in-6 chance. Not the best odds, but better then what she had had before.

She dropped her shield and went to work, slicing through two more clones, this time twelve and eight, leaving only four unknowns. She slid the handle of her weapon through her hand, and jabbed it through five, before sweeping it through four. Now there was only three and eleven; but the other three had closed in, and it took all her concentration to keep the unknowns in sight as she avoided two, seven, and ten. She ducked under ten's sword and temporarily disrupted two's knives, before diving through seven, straight at eleven, who she passed through as well. That left only three, who turned and swam as quickly as possible in the opposite direction; the chase was on.

She began to dive, but something caught in her cloak, holding her back and almost choking her as something sliced deeply into her arm. Without a second thought, she yanked open the clasp holding it and dove after the real one. It threw rocks torn from the floor at her, but she dodged them and continued after it. It was panicked; the clones had vanished, and it wasn't even trying to hold her back. As they raced along, something below caught her eye; her dagger! With just a thought, she reached out and grabbed it with her magic and threw ahead of her. The boss felt it coming and ducked; but forgot how close to the floor it was.

Its shoulder clipped rock and it tumbled; Shade heard a sickening snap. When it pushed itself up, its arm hung at an awkward angle. It tried to run, but it was too late; she had caught up. It tried to summon a spear, but she knocked the weapon to one side and sliced through it; killing it. As she sat there, she felt the adrenaline leave her, and she sank to the floor, suddenly exhausted. Her light had decided to go out just then, too.

Suddenly, the chamber lit up. After so long in the near-darkness, it was difficult to adjust to the sudden light. Shade looked around, something on the far side of the underwater cavern catching her eye. A small bubble of air floated around the chamber, something dark blue inside. Having caught her breath, Shade summoned her dagger and cautiously pushed herself off the bottom. As she got closer, she saw that the dark blue shape was a small, spherical gem. The moment she touched it, energy rushed through her, burning away her exhaustion and filling her with a new-found sense on strength. As she lifted the gem to examine it, she saw the shape of a dragon swimming deep within.

She blinked. Then laughed out loud. A Dragon Gem. She had found a Dragon Gem! And not just any, but the Dragon Sapphire, fabled to enhance one's command over the currents. Clutching the small gem in her fist, she turned and swam towards the entrance. With nearly no effort, she blasted through the stone maze and into the tunnel beyond. It took less than a minute before she found where the tunnel broke off, leading back up to the exit.

It took a minute for her eyes to adjust, but she had to admit that nothing felt quite like sunlight, with its warmth and light. She stopped a moment to enjoy the view before she slid down the mountainside, holding out her hands to steady herself in the treacherous footing. As she walked along the river, she pulled out some rope and began measuring it, before cutting it. She carefully wrapped it around the Dragon Sapphire, looping into a necklace, which she tied around her neck. With the Gem carefully hidden out of sight inside her tunic, she easily switched forms and began to race along the river, headed back to the harbor town-that little detour had cost her more then she had expected, and besides, she still had other things to purchase.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:03 pm

"Well, that was gross," Kenji said casually, flicking a hand that had managed to become saturated with green blood. He'd been standing closer than he'd liked, in the hopes that he could hold the illusion better the closer he was. With the flick of his hand, the cage disappeared, and Kenji leaned forward, panting heavily. That whole ordeal had taken a lot out of him, and he'd never even gone on the offensive, except for the one time he threw his daggers. Which reminded him, he'd managed to leave them near the monster.
Walking over to the moster, Kenji kicked it cautiously, half expecting it to make a comeback like they always did and kill him on the spot. Which wouldn't be unexpected at all. Kenji had never really been good at this kind of thing. He did better with quests that didn't involve fighting, though he wasn't about to admit that to Caesar. He was just happy to be working together.
"Well, that was boring," Kenji yawned. "This is easier than I thought it would be. Maybe we need more of a challenge."
Kenji grinned at Caesar, then switched his equipment, wielding his katana instead. The situation was tense, and he knew it would be foolish to fight with his katana instead of his daggers, which he'd managed to level up a bit. He was actually a bit frustrated with himself. The katana was naturally a much better weapon than the daggers, but with his skill level, he was much better with the daggers. If he'd put the same effort into the katana, he'd feel like he had a better chance.
Kenji shrugged. That didn't matter at the moment. Right now, he just needed to try to survive.
"Hey, we should try two of those at once next time!"

Eric sighed, flopping back on his bed. Jobhunting had turned up nothing yet again. He'd been canned from one of his part time jobs for getting in too many fights with a co-worker. He'd never asked, but he was pretty sure the guy was Archer, the werecat from Infinite. He had that same irritating personality. It was actually quite a coincidence that they would know each other in real life, if it was him. The odds of running into anyone from there were slim.
Eric stared at the ceiling. What kind of person was Ash in real life? Something told Eric that he might be less than upstanding, but that wouldn't make him any worse than Eric. He was really ashamed, having turned into the kind of person he did. If his mom knew what he was like outside the house, he knew she'd be disappointed in him. But it was so easy to be short-tempered and avoid people who weren't relevant to his life.
But what if Eric could meet up with Ash in real life? He'd considered asking him a few times, but there never seemed to be a good chance. Eric was curious to see how they would interact in real life. Ash was one of the few people, and probably the only person of late, that Eric could get along with for any period of time. Talking to him felt easy, and he was the only person other than Eric's mother that he trusted. But Eric was also scared to break their friendship. Would Ash be offended, or close up, if Eric suggested a meeting? Eric had decided to trust Ash, but he didn't know how much Ash trusted him. Would Ash suspect that there was an ulterior motive, or feel that Zare was trying to pry?
Eric sighed. It didn't really matter. He couldn't figure out why he was so worked up about it. This would be the first time he'd ever remotely considered letting Infinite and his real life overlap. He thought of the barrier he put up whenever he went to Infinite. Then he realized, the last few times he'd played, he hadn't bothered to put that up. Instead he'd started going in with his guard down. But somehow, it felt okay.
Rolling over, Eric closed his eyes, willing sleep to come. He needed to get his act together for work tomorrow. Oh, wait. That was the job he'd been fired from. So tomorrow was open. And his mom was spending a couple days at her sisters. So he had the house to himself. What would he do?
Eric laughed to himself. Wasn't it obvious?
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:12 pm

OOC- Yay, this place ain't a ghost town no more!

He wiped his face off, trying not to accidentally get any of the mess in his mouth. With it all over his face, this was a chore.
"Hey, we should try two of those at once next time!"
What Kenji had been saying suddenly intruded on his brain. He straightened abruptly, then walked over and grabbed Kenji by the shirt collar. He gave him a mock glare. "You wake anymore of those things up, and I'll feed you to it myself." He dropped him, then glanced at the volcano. "Bets that's our final destination. Try to avoid any more of the...little monsters. The big ones will be bad enough." and he broke into a run.

It was still dark when he opened his eyes. He sat up, glancing at the clock. He'd actually woken before dawn.
He was quiet a moment, thinking. Ms. Jean would arrive in about two hours. She'd make breakfast, then start her job watching his mother. He had a few hours till his job, so....nothing else to do. He smiled, doubting he'd see anyone he knew on right now, but that meant he'd have time to do some things.
Like what though, he had no clue.
--- --- ---
Ash breathed in deeply, glancing about. He was still the only person on the beach. He debated moving on, then decided to just sit a while and watch. Maybe he'd see the sunrise come up...
It sure beat finding something to kill.
I....have nothing to say.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:29 pm

Kenji laughed, running after Caesar. He had half a mind to go bother some monster just to get Caesar mad, but he figured the sooner they got to the main boss, the sooner they'd have some real fun.

Eric woke up the next morning restless. Though it might have been instinctive, since he usually got up this early to go to work. It was still dark outside, and his first impulse was to go back to sleep. But he shrugged it off, remembering Infinite. He might as well get on sooner than later. No point wasting the day away sleeping. That and, his mind was already fully awake, ready for work. He didn't really have a desire to go back to sleep.
"Whatever," Eric sighed, getting up and heading to the desk.

Zare looked around, realizing he was still on the beach. And there was Ash, sitting there looking pensive. It was kind of unnerving, actually. Zare still never knew what was going on in that guy's head.
"Well," Zare walked over, breaking the silence. "Fancy meeting you here. What are you doing up so early?"
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:39 pm

He glanced up in surprise when Zare suddenly reappeared. It was much earlier than he'd thought he'd see him. "Dunno," he replied. "It just happened." He glanced at the sky again, then surprised himself by yawning. "Actually," he admitted, laughing. "I'm not really awake yet." Sighing, he fell back, throwing his arms back so he lay spread out on the sand. He smiled lazily, saying, "Feels kinda good, though...most people aren't up so early. Gives you room to breathe, you know?"
He laughed, then sat up again. "So, what's on your mind that you're up so early?"

There were many other pits in their way, and Caesar had to skirt around them carefully. It was taking a while, and there was that time they'd accidentally surprised one of the monsters. Fortunately they were able to run away, but that was a darn close one.
Caesar felt about ready to collapse. He didn't usually enjoy dungeon-going, but...this was more fun than he remembered. If only he wasn't such a low-level.
They arrived at the base of the volcano. He glanced up, then sighed and started climbing.
"Try not to wake anything," he cautioned. "I'd rather not fight from up here."
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Oddood198 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:15 pm

OOC: I tried posting this a couple hours ago but it didn't work... Let's try again...

It was deadly dark and silent in the hospital as Jean and Claire progressed through. They had tried turning on lights as they went, but the power to them seemed to have somehow been cut. Perhaps it would be best that way, since if they were turning on lights, they would be that much easier to find. As it was, they had stopped using their flashlights and gone with the very small amount of light that came from the windows. It didn't help that it was still raining outside.
Every single sound echoed through the hallways, every footstep, every rustling of clothes, every drop of rainwater falling off of them, went on ahead of them no matter how quietly they tried to proceed.
"Shh, wait." Jean whispered, dropping down to one knee and gesturing for Claire to stop. "I can hear another group ahead of us. We can take them by surprise if we're careful."
"Want me to cover you?" Claire asked, crouching down beside him.
"Yeah, I'll get in as close as I can. When you hear us, start shooting. I'll stick to the right side, so fire down the left." Jean replied, then without another second's hesitation he rounded the corner, moving to the far wall and walking quietly further down. His gun was raised and aimed, despite not being able to see the group of hostiles just yet. Without a sound, he moved farther and farther down the dark hallway, past rows of doors to patient rooms that would supposedly have been vacated now. Finally, he reached the end of the hallway, and looked around the corners on either end, but still saw nothing.
He took his flashlight and pointed it back down the hall, clicking it on and off twice to signal an all-clear to Claire. But just a second after the button was clicked on, four of the hallway doors burst open and the hall was flooded in gunfire. Jean scrambled back around the corner to avoid being hit, and a window on the wall took a bullet and shattered. The barrage ceased after a few seconds, and Jean leaned in the start returning fire. As soon as he started shooting his position was entirely given away, and the enemy responded by keeping him back with suppressing fire while he was sure they moved closer to come in for the kill. Jean stayed back, waiting for them to get close, switching his gun to hold it in one hand while he drew the knife from his boot in the other.
He took a deep breath, watching the corner, waiting for them to get close. He was outnumbered and outgunned, and he didn't know how Claire was faring, but he was certain he could get out of this, if not with cunning and strategy, then with sheer ferocity.
The firing stopped for a moment, and Jean knew it was time to act. Just before the enemy gunmen rounded the corner to take him down with an unavoidable barrage of gunfire, Jean burst out of hiding, firing in a wide pattern, trying to hit as many of them as he could or at the least force them back. He charged in close before they could retaliate, thrusting his knife forward at one of the forms he could barely see in the dark. His knife rammed in with little resistance almost up to the hilt, and the man he stabbed gasped in pain. Jean leapt back, leaving his knife in the man, and fired again at the half-discernible shapes, and then darted back around the corner for cover.
Wasting no time, Jean dropped out the spent magazine in his gun and replaced it with a fresh one, then aimed at the corner and waited. The enemy seemed hesitant now, and Jean could hear one man groaning in pain, probably the one he has knifed. Jean waited, and waited, and waited... there! A soon as he saw movement around the corner, he fired, and heard metal on metal and a shout of surprise. He bolted out again, reaching out and taking hold of the rifle barrel he had just shot, and slamming his own gun into the owners face. He pulled the rifle free, and then spun and threw it down the hallway, hearing it hit someone. He fired in that direction, and another man dropped.
That seemed to be all of them, and Jean just stood still, waiting and listening for more, but he didn't detect any sing of more. "All clear." He called down the hall to Claire, but didn't get a response. He tried his flashlight again, but still she didn't answer. Now on alert again, he raised his gun and flashlight, holding both out in front so he could see before he shot. He walked down the hall to where he had left Claire, and, with a mounting sense of dread, rounded the corner where she had last been.
She wasn't there, her rifle and MP3 player were lying on the ground, the cod to her headphones had snapped. "Claire!" Jean shouted, but there was no answer. He was about to start searching rooms, figuring she may have bolted to hide, when a voice on the intercom rang out once again.
"My, my, my! This is an unexpected turn of events, even for me!" The voice said, and Jean straightened up, keeping his gun ready. "One of my gunmen has managed to capture a member of your team, Mr. Kent! A pretty young thing, but she's got a fight in her."
Jean cursed harshly, Claire had been dragged off in the fight while he was separated from her! "Where is she?" He yelled, knowing that Aeon would have put microphones all over the building to hear Jean's replies, it really was all a game to him, wasn't it?
"Not to worry, she's safe. I wouldn't just kill her without reason, so wasteful! Don't worry, Mr. Kent, she's completely unharmed, and being brought to me right now. Although... It would gro dreadfully boring if this game dragged on too long, don't you think? Perhaps this young lady can help us speed things up."
"Don't you lay a hand on her, you sick, twisted sociopath!" Jean shouted.
"Ah, you mistake your place, Mr. Kent. I make the rules, not you. Now, how about this: every six minuted, the young lady loses a finger, I think I'll start with her left pinky finger, and work my way to the other side. Ten fingers, each with six minutes, that's one hour before her hands are just useless pieces of extra arm. Let's see how many fingers you can save!"
With that, there was static for a second, then silence.
Jean was left in silence for a minute, before he was completely overrun with rage. "AEOOOON!!!!" He screamed in fury, then placed Claire's MP3 player in his pocket and picked up her rifle, dashing down the hallway he had just fought through, abandoning all effort at stealth.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:41 am

Zare shrugged.
"Meh, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Figured I'd come over here. I'm not bothering you, am I?"
Zare looked at Ash, realizing the guy may have wanted some time to himself. He didn't want to impose.

"Awww..." Kenji complained as he climbed. "But this would be an awesome place to fight! Imagine the intensity!"
Kenji slipped a bit, barely catching himself, but didn't think about focusing any more than he was. Caution wasn't even in his vocabulary.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Feb 16, 2014 1:06 pm

6 Years ago continued....
Caesar glanced down the hole nervously, then said, "You know, I'm really starting to lose my taste for trekking dungeons."
"Where's your sense of adventure? All newbs are supposed to have them." Ash grinned teasingly at him before dropping into the hole.
"Home in bed, old man player." Caesar sighed and dropped down. It wasn't quite as dark as he first feared. There were glow stone pieces scattered through the rooms. the icy marble smoothness had given way to sharper edges, however, and looked much more dangerous. Caesar stared around himself in amazement, for even in its danger it was beautiful, then jumped when Ash smacked him from behind.
"Don't talk back to your elders," he admonished with a smirk.
Caesar rolled his eyes, looking around. "Seriously though, you can't be much older than me," he said, starting to move around.
Ash smiled but didn't answer. Caesar glanced at him, then asked," How old are you?"
"Does it really matter?" Ash smiled a little wider and walked toward one of the icy passages. Caesar watched him go, then sighed.
"Why do I even bother...its like talking to a rock."

"No, not at all." He smiled at him, then said, "be perfectly honest, I don't know what I want anymore. All I really wish is that my life would make more sense." He fell on his back again, closing his eyes. "Well...maybe once I finish with Pierce I can rest a little."

"Intensity is what I want to avoid!" he replied, struggling to find proper handholds. It was really very crumbly rock, and there was a lot of shale...
at that moment, his foot slipped. His hands gripped for the handholds, only to realize that they weren't there. He was hanging in mid-air a moment, then he was falling.
He tried to summon a wind, but he couldn't seem to get through his panic. That and, the fire was sucking up most of the wind in the area. He was well and truly falling, with no way of stopping himself.
In such circumstances, there is only one thing you can say.
"Oh crap."

"Okay, we need a plan," Cyrano said. He glanced at Silk, saying, "If we're going to go after Pierce, we need an idea of what we'll do. He's always been blastedly clever, if maybe childish."
"He's good with a computer," Silk said. "I wonder what kinda hacks he's got today."
"We need to know," Cyrano said seriously. "Location, hacks, comrades, everything. What little he gave us won't cut it, which I'm sure is what he wanted. We need information."
Silk glanced around, then he said, "Say, isn't that Nancy?"
Cyrano stood and half-turned, smiling when he saw her. There was a man with her, and the sight of him made his eyes widen. "Oh my that..." He took a step forward, then broke into a run.
"Its the Chancellor!" Silk gasped, following after him.
The Chancellor, one of the more important of the moderators of Infinite, was indeed there beside Nancy. He looked a little haggard, but it was definitely him.
"Ho there Chancellor!" Silk shouted. "Where've you been hiding all this time?"
"From one of our own," the Chancellor replied tiredly. "One of our creators went rouge and attempted to wipe us all out. It has...not been pleasant."
"The Chancellor believes that he may be the last mod left alive," Nancy said quietly. "its all over the news too. Everywhere you turn, people are now either dying or falling into a trance-like state. The situation is growing desperate."
Cyrano seemed troubled. "Has Pierce really gone so far?" he asked. "Does he even realize what he's done?"
"He has reached the level of madness," the Chancellor replied quietly. "We must end his game now, and the only way to do that permanently is to put his own hacks against him."
"You mean....kill him?" Even Cyrano seemed aghast at that. "But..."
"Its the only way. We have no clue where he is in reality, and just banning his character again won't stop him. He'll always find a way. We must end him through the game by the same measures he and his accomplice are using." The Chancellor leaned against Nancy, exhausted. "I pmd a friend...he will help us against Pierce."
"Who is he?" Cyrano asked quietly.
"For now, I may not give his name. He prefers instead to be called by his race. You will know him as Lucem."
I....have nothing to say.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Oddood198 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:08 pm

It was all a blur of running, firefights and knowing he wasn't going fast enough. Jean dashed down halls, through waiting and break rooms, and up stairwells, pushing against time with all his strength. he didn't check the time once in his mad advance, knowing he needed every single second, but he knew he had already taken well over six minutes.
Finally, he made it to the top floor, bleeding from cuts and scratches all over his body from narrow misses, and one spot in his stomach where he had actually taken a full bullet, but he paid his wounds no mind, Claire was probably hurting far worse than him. He was holding Claire's rifle in only one hand, having wrapped the strap around his arm tightly to keep it stable enough to shoot, and one of his own handguns in his other hand. He had lost track of how many times he had been confronted and shot down all of his challengers, but he was sure he wasn't through the worst yet.
The top floor, contrary to his expectations, was devoid of any of Aeon's gunmen, and the lights had even been switched on. It was almost blinding to Jean, having been in the dark since first entering the hospital, but he advanced without giving his eyes time to adjust. He passed a sign that said there was a cafeteria on this floor, and he guessed that would be where Aeon was waiting for him. Probably the biggest room in the building, where he could have all the gunners he wanted and have a huge show to fulfill his eccentricities. He made his way steadily to it, following the signs that directed him, and was soon before a pair of double doors with a sign over them that said 'cafeteria'. Wasting no time, Jean shot the point where the two doors met, where the lock would be, and kicked them in, advancing with his guns raised.
There were at least two dozen fully armed men in here, and they all raised their weapons to aim at Jean. In the midst of them, there was one man who stood out, not armed or even seeming tense. He was a relatively short man, wearing a neatly creased black suit, a hat over his light hair, and intelligent, warm eyes. He grinned as Jean entered the room, gesturing at the door with a cane that seemed to be only for show, "You know, the door was unlocked."
"Where's Claire?" Jean asked, training his handgun on the man while keeping his rifle in the general direction of the opposing gunmen.
"Not one for pleasantries, are you, Mr. Kent?" The suited man said, shaking his head ruefully, "And here I thought we could have a nice, civil--"
He was interrupted as one of Jean's bullet's whizzed by his face. "You threw civil out the window when Cally died, Aeon. Where is Claire?" Jean repeated.
The smile faded slightly from Aeon's face, but he didn't seem to be too bothered yet. "She's over there. She was waiting for you." He said, gesturing with his head to the side. Jean looked and saw Claire lying on her back on top of one of the tables, a man stood next to her, holding her wrist in one hand and a bloody knife in the other. Claire's hand was dripping blood, and Jean could tell it was short of five digits. "You're almost twenty minutes late, Mr. Kent. My man there was just preparing to relieve her of her third finger. She made quite an effort of showing me that one, just like she was offering it."
Jean fired again, not a warning shot this time. The man standing over Claire dropped like a rock, clutching his stomach. Ignoring all the other goons raising their weapons at him, Jean walked across the cafeteria to Claire, who looked up at him with unfocused eyes, she was clearly struggling to even stay conscious against the pain. "Jean... That you?" She asked, reaching her unhurt hand out to him.
Jean put the handgun down and took her hand, "Yeah, I'm here. Don't worry. I'm gonna kill all these scumbags and get you taken care of."
Claire managed a slight smile, "All right, cool. Go..." Her eyes closed and her head lolled as she passed out.
Jean put her hand down over her chest, then picked his gun back up, turning to Aeon. "well, I must say, she did prove a good deal more effective than I thought she would be," The mastermind said, "and watching her soldier through was a far cry more entertaining--"
A spray of bullets from Jean shut him up mid-sentence, they whizzed past Aeon harmlessly, but at least three of the surrounding gunmen were hit. Aeon sighed, "I did hope you would at least be in a bit more of a chatting mood, Mr. Kent." He said, and the other thugs around him trained their weapons on Jean, "But, I suppose one can only hope for so much. Kill him."
Aeon's men fired, Jean kicked a table over and dove behind it, and Aeon stood there and smirked.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:35 pm

OOC: Sorry, Wolf. You must be sick to death of me by now. My computer has a virus and my schedule is crazy and everything's insane. I'm trying to keep up, I promise.

Kenji watched as Caesar plummeted down the cliff.
"Well, that wasn't supposed to happen," Kenji commented with a vague sense of concern. After a split second of hesitation, he released his own hold on the cliff face, and as he fell backwards, he pushed off with his feet so he was going headlong toward Caesar. With his momentum, he caught up with him, grabbing hold of his hand. Kenji took out a dagger (which he'd fortunately equipped shortly before they started climbing), stabbing it into the cliff face. His face twisted in a grimace as the shale scraped along the length of his arm, the dagger sliding through the soft rock like paper. When the knife finally found a solid hold, it jolted Kenji to the very core, and it felt like he'd dislocated his shoulder from Caesar's weight.
"Ow..." he said. He tried to look annoyed, but in reality he was pretty frightened. They'd gone a long ways up, and falling from this far wouldn't be fun. And he was certain that his dagger wasn't as firmly planted in the rock as he'd like it to be. All in all, this situation didn't look to good. They could fall at any second, and Kenji wasn't sure there was anything he could do to stop it.
"Any ideas, or should we just hang out here for a bit? I mean, I'm game, but you don't seem like the type to get enjoyment out of this kind of thing."

"So...what exactly are you hoping to accomplish?" Zare asked tentatively. "I mean, with Pierce." Then he quickly added, "If you don't want to tell me, that's fine! It's none of my business, anyways."
Zare was a little worried. He couldn't help but worry when Ash talked about Pierce. Zare could never read him, and he didn't know what he was thinking or planning, and he didn't want Ash to get himself hurt.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:02 pm

OOC- of course I'm not. I'm surprised you people are putting up with me, vanishing on a moment's notice.

Caesar glanced up, then down, then said, "Yeah, I don't think I'd really enjoy this much longer." He studied the rock face critically, then said, "Kenji, I see something ahead. It looks like a hole or something, perhaps a hidden entrance to this place? Either way, its definitely a hand-hold." He glanced up. Kenji's knife had taken firm hold on a rock, just at the edge of this precipice, and the fall was a long one.They would certainly be killed by it. Between him and solid rock was perhaps a five-foot distance. He couldn't reach it, but maybe if they could swing toward it...
"Kenji, try swinging me towards the wall," he said.

"So...what exactly are you hoping to accomplish? I mean, with Pierce."
Ash considered that a moment, then said quietly, "Truth be told, I don't know. Part of me is dying to kill him, and inflict as much pain on him as I can, in return for the pain given me. On the other..." he rolled over, facing away from Zare. "I'd give anything to have him back..." He was quiet, then sat up, shaking his head. He glanced at Zare, noting the expression on his face, then smiled slightly. "Don't worry Zare. I'm still in control. Worse come to worse, I'll go blow up a mountain instead." He grinned a little. "Not that that's much better, I suppose...imagine the mess." He laughed, but it sounded a little empty. He shook his head again, sighing. "Well, better find something to do. Got any plans?" The he received an icon, telling him he had a message. His brow furrowed slightly; who'd be messaging him? "Just a sec," he said, opening it.
I understand if you refuse to answer this message, but I beg you to hear me out. The Chancellor has reappeared, a moderator. He says Pierce was behind the mods' disappearance...and demise. He barely escaped with his own life. In addition to this, he is behind several...accidents occurring in the real world. With the help of my friends and the Chancellor's suggestions, I am attempting to summon all the powerful players and legends to come help me in finding Pierce and subduing him. The Chancellor wants him dead. I am still against this, but we must stop him before he goes further with his madness.
Ash...I am sorry for the incident all those years ago. The fault lay in me, it was my error. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I want you to know that I am truly sorry for what I did. Please come and fight by my side once more. ~Cyrano

Ash was very quiet, just staring at it. Then he closed his eyes. "they kill him," he murmured. "...." Suddenly, he began to curse violently and colorfully. "Blast it, he may be a mod, but he's not a god!" he snapped. He angrily closed the menu and stood in one smooth motion. "Zare, I'm going to find Pierce," he told him, trying to keep his voice level. "Some idiot decided to kill him. No matter how I feel, that's out of order, so I'm going to go find and protect my brother." He looked Zare full in the eye as he continued. "This, fair warning, is going against the word of a moderator. Yes, apparently, one still exists. If I do this, I will probably find myself an enemy of the mods...just like my brother. This could easily result in my being banned...or worse." He closed his eyes. "I... don't want the same to happen to you. I will not force you, but I would not follow me." He smiled a little. "Its just my selfish wish, so feel free to overrule me." He started laughing. "My much for uncertainty. I guess the part of me that loves my brother is the strongest part."
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:29 am

Kenji looked at Caesar skeptically, but just shrugged. Or would have, if it was possible.
"If you say so. But it's not my fault if we fall to our doom."
Kenji slowly started trying to swing Caesar toward the opening, gaining momentum little by little, until he couldn't hold Caesar any longer. His hand slipped, luckily at just the right moment, throwing Caesar.
"Oops," he said casually, hoping that everything worked out.

Zare looked at Ash, weighing the situation. He looked out to sea, then looked back again, then at the ground. He reached down and picked up a sea shell, tossing it as far as he could into the ocean, with an enormous grunt of frustration.
"Why do you have to do this to me?" He asked angrily. "You know I don't want to leave you on your own. And I don't care if I get banned, "or worse", whatever that means. Infinite isn't worth it to me if I can't stand by my only friend. I honestly have no other reason to be here anymore."
Then he paused, looking at Ash again, an agitated look on his face.
"But I don't want to follow you when it's clearly what you want. So why do you have to put me in this kind of a situation? Why do have to make me choose between going against you and doing something that I can't bring myself to do? There's no winning!"
Zare sighed, crossing his arms.
"I need a straight answer. What will you do if I come with you. I don't want to mess things up for you, but if you're just pushing me away for my own sake, that's not good enough. I want to come along, but with your approval."
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby FreddyCast » Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:08 pm

Sage Blaze, Saint Reave, and Priestess Elian
(Back in Infinite at a hill overlooking the burning City of Phosphoros)


Saint: Brother, what’s the big deal hurrying me up to join you? What is this place? This isn’t the last location we logged out from.
Sage: No, it’s not, I transported myself to this location with a spell provided for me by the Priestess, and then I teleported you here to my location as soon as you logged in. Welcome to what once was the shining city of Tiera.
Saint: When did Elian give you this spell, and where is she?
Sage: She went off scouting ahead.
Saint: I don’t understand, I thought we would...
Sage: Help Kiari with her Loki problem?
Saint: Uh, yeah.
Sage: You’re an idiot. We’re not here to solve other people’s problems; we’re here to put an end to ours.
Saint: But we can’t just abandon her, I mean I saw her log in to Infinite on her own computer just a few minutes ago. I thought...
Sage: You thought wrong. (Saint becomes irritated at Sage)
Saint: This wasn’t your call to make, brother. Why are we even here?
Sage: To find the whereabouts of Andonowin. Maximius was last seen here. But it seems he left something behind, something emitting the same aura as him. I want to find out what it is.
Saint: This is a waste of time. If Maximius isn’t here, then we should be off looking for him, not checking out the mess he left behind. I mean, look at the city, it’s a burning inferno.
Sage: And it’s been like this for quite some time.
Sage: I’m leaving!
Sage: To go and save your damsel in distress?
Saint: To help her. (Sage laughs at Saint) This isn’t funny.
Sage: So going off to chase after a girl you barely even know is better than hunting down our uncle.
Saint: It beats looking at a city of ashes. (Saint turns to leave)
Sage: Have you really forgotten about Eilis. What do you see in that other girl? (Saint stops and clenches his fist unable to give a response to the question.)
Saint: Just shut up.
Sage: You’re a fool, brother. Going after her will only lead you to trouble. (Saint turns to face Sage and yells in anger)
Sage: I care about you, brother! No one else matters to me.
Saint: I don’t need you to watch over me. I’m not your little helpless brother anymore.
Sage: I never said you were. Everything I’ve done was for you and me.
Saint: And what, you don’t think another person can’t care about me just like you can?
Sage: Eilis can and does!
Saint: Yeah, and who’s fault was it that she’s no longer with us.
Sage: She never left us. You were the one who ignored her all this time until recently.
Saint: All this talk about Elian being an obstacle between you and me, and now all of a sudden you want to let her back in? Hah! I’m going and you can’t stop me.
Sage: Kiari doesn’t care about you. She only stuck with us because of those ridiculous dragon gems.
Saint: You don’t know anything about her.
Sage: Neither do you. (Saint ignores Sage and turns to leave, but suddenly sees Elian in her angelic form gliding down to meet him and reluctantly stops in his tracks)
Elian: Hey Sage! Hey Saint!....Saint, were you going somewhere? (Saint stays silent, not sure what to say, so Sage speaks up)
Sage: He wasn’t going anywhere, he was just waiting for you to return so we could go in the city together...weren’t you brother? (Elian looks puzzled at the two brothers’ weird behavior, but Saint doesn’t dare look at Elian’s face and unwillingly agrees to Sage’s statement)
Saint: Ye...yeah, we were just waiting for you.
Sage: So what did you find out, Elian?
Elian: Right, there’s only one figure that’s standing in the city square like a statue, his form is hideous like some sort of horned demon, his eyes were full of anger, and his presence was so overpowering it felt like the air was being choked out of me. Oddly, he looks very much like the IFF councilor Nathanial, but his energy is that of Maximius.
Sage: I guess it’s time we meet this person, he might very well be the guy to help us find Andonowin. Lead the way Elian.
Elian: Sure, just follow me. (Saint whispers to Sage, “this isn’t over” as Elian leaves to take the lead)
(Sage and Elian enter the ruined city, still burning, and Saint follows reluctantly a few feet away. As they arrive at the city square they see a menacing figure emitting a powerful aura and wielding a deadly scythe)


Lucius: I can feel Maximius shaking the foundations of Infinite. Does he plan on building this new world upon the bones of this old world? You really are no different than me, my creator. (Lucius sees the trio approach him) And who might you three warriors be?
Sage: My name is Sage Blaze. These are my companions Saint Reave and Priestess Elian.
Lucius: Interesting! A fire Mage, a dark elven swordsman, and a half-angel priestess of the Divine Demiurge. And why have you sought me out?
Sage: We wish to know the whereabouts of Andonowin, but more importantly we want to know what your connection is to Maximius, and why your aura is like him.
Lucius: And why should I answer any of your queries?
Sage: If you don’t then we’ll force you to cough up the answers we need.
Lucius: Bold! Dum, but very bold of you to demand answers from me. Tell you what, if you can even so much as touch me, then maybe I’ll think about giving you an answer to your questions.
Sage: I will take you up on your challenge. Tell me what your name is. I wish to know the name of my enemy before I lay him under my feet.
Lucius: HAHAHAHA!...My name is Lucius. Formerly the President of this once great and wondrous city now laid to ruins. I like you Sage Blaze. You’re unafraid to be cocky and arrogant in the face of unfathomable power. This will be your downfall.
Sage: Funny, another demon named Ifrit said the same thing before I blasted a hole on his body and turned him to ashes.
Lucius: Do you think I’m impressed by such a meager feat. I'm not like any other demon you faced before.
Sage: Is that so? Well, we'll see about that.
Lucius:Come then Sage Blaze, prove your worth.
(Saint puts his hand on Sage’s shoulder to get his attention)
Saint: Brother, this guy is no pushover. This guy’s aura is on the level of Maximius. We’re not strong enough to handle this guy.
Sage: This is the type of situation we need to test our mettle.
Saint: You‘re insane, brother. But I shouldn’t be surprised. *sigh* Fine! Let me go first. You two are too weak to fight him. I have the Fury of the Forsaken. My attack speed and movement speed have increased exponentially.
Sage: NO!
Saint: What? Why not?
Sage: You are our trump card. You shouldn’t do anything until Elian and I figure out what we’re up against. Like you said, we’re dealing with a person that just as powerful as Maximius.
Saint: Alright, brother, Be careful. (Sage turns to look at Elian)
Sage : Elian, you and I should go all out on him, no holding back.
Elian: Right, we have to take this seriously and work as a team though, a frontal assault isn’t wise. But there’s something wrong about this.
Sage: What do you mean?
Elian: That person says he’s Lucius, but I’m certain that’s Councilor Nathanial. Councilor Nathanial is not a demon spawn and yet there he is. This is very strange indeed. Just keep that in mind.
Sage: Understood. Step back Saint and Priestess. You wouldn’t want to get burned. (Sage takes out his ruby gem and powers up while transforming into his final form engulfing a ten foot radius around himself in flames. The flames clear out and floating in front of Sage is a large book of spells and he begins to conjure up some runes on both hands)


(Suddenly Nuriel appears next to Sage and flames exude from her body as she lifts herself up in the air)


Nuriel: It will be my pleasure to lay waste to my master’s enemy.
(Priestess Elian flies above the city square and powers up herself)
(A bright light radiates from her heart and envelops her in this blinding light. Out of the light emerges a glorious angelic being.


(Saint stands there completely amazed and in awe of Elian’s angelic form.)
Saint: Wow!...that’s amazing. Her aura is so powerful and radiant.
Sage: ELIAN! NURIEL! Take the high ground and surround Lucius. I’ll strike from a distance. (Both Elian and Nuriel fly to the left and to the right, surrounding Lucius.
Saint: Brother let me help.
Sage: Not yet, Reave. Just trust us. We got this. You’ll get your chance soon enough.
(Lucius looks on feeling unimpressed at what he sees and is completely calm and focused, but then he slams the bottom end of his scythe to the ground and leaves it standing in an upright position.)
Lucius: I won’t even need my Scythe for this. (He takes two steps forward) The host’s body is very nimble and strong. It’s time I test its capabilities. So who wants to bleed first?

To be continued....


(Maximius has been conquering one village after another in the Nescalan territories. Maximius stands on top of a cliff overlooking the boundaries between Nescala and Tiera as he readies himself to move his forces to conquer the last strongholds in Infinite)
Maximius: It’s not enough. Once all sectors of Infinite are under my rule, I can carry out the final stages of my plan. Just wait a little bit longer, Hannah my love. I will restore you soon enough. Infinite will break before me. Through the death of all in Infinite, you will be reborn and be made whole again. And no one will stop me. (His general, Jacobus the Orc Titan, looks at Maximius in bewilderment)
Jacobus: My lord Maximius, is there something wrong. (A frightening joy appears on Maximius’ face)
Maximius: Is there nothing you wouldn’t do, General Jacobus, for the one you love.
Jacobus: My lord???
Maximius: Yes....even some villains have a purpose beyond that of power, greed, and knowledge. Sometimes a man’s motive can be as simple and as noble It can drive a man to do almost anything, even lose his sanity and commit the worst atrocities. All in the name of love. How ironic!
(Maximius grins and returns to his army as he mounts his armored horse)
Maximius: Lead the way, General. (Jacobus raises his imposing Axe forward and signals the armies to move)

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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:13 pm

As Kenji started swinging, Caesar reached toward the opening, each swing bringing him tantalizingly closer. He stretched his arm out, straining. Suddenly, he felt his grip slip, and as his mind just processed the implications of that, the pressure of the hand was gone and he was flying.
Now no good flight over several thousand feet is complete without a lot of noise, screams preferably. Caesar managed a tiny, high-pitched gasp as he seemed almost to hang in mid-air for a moment. Then the rock ledge was there, and he scrambled to safety. he was severely scratched up, but he was alive, that was the important thing.
He stood, trembling slightly, them stumbled towards the entrance, smiling half-hardheartedly at Kenji. "Oops," he repeated. "That's all you have to say?" Shifting through his inventory, he found some ropes and hooks. He took some of the rope, tying it around one of the rocks before knotting it firmly. He grabbed the end, weighing it slightly by tying it to one of the hooks. "I'm going to toss this to you," he said. "Try to catch, okay? I'd rather not have to catch you." and, taking careful aim, he threw the rope.

He blinked, startled by Zare's sudden anger. He wanted to facepalm; he should have known better. Zare wasn't going to leave him, he was too good a friend to do that. But that was one of the reasons Ash had come to value him so, because he was loyal.
Ashimatya was...afraid. He didn't want to see Zare die, for that was surely the end result of the path he was going to take. He didn't want to be the cause of Zare's death, indirect or otherwise. He couldn't let Zare follow him...
But...if he tried to make Zare's choices for him, what did that make Ash? He almost sighed. Much as he might want otherwise, he really had no right to do that.
"I'm sorry Zare," he said quietly. "I'm being selfish. I just..." He looked at the sad, his side-bangs falling to hide his eyes. "We could get killed, for all I the pm, it sounded like...they'd found a way."
He could see Zare considering that, and he hoped against hope Zare might choose against. But then, when Zare raised his head, Ash saw with a sinking feeling that determination in his eyes. "So you think you can just go do something that could very well kill you, and I'll just stand back and let you?" he said, clearly irked. "Ash...a real friend wouldn't leave his friend just because he could get killed. Being a friend is supporting each other, even when its so dangerous. Stop trying to push me away!" He stepped forward, grabbing Ash's shoulder. "I want to support you, Ash, but every time I try you push me out so that I can't! Make up your mind, Ash! If you want to be friends, then let me help you! Remember when we first started, you were telling me not to be too proud to let others help me? Well, let your pride go and let me help you!"
Ash stared at him a long time, then bowed his head. "I.....fine! Do what you want!" He suddenly flung his arms around Zare, causing the werecat to stiffen like he'd been struck. "Thanks Zare," he said quietly. "I'll keep that in mind." He pulled back, looking really awkward now. "Just...let me pm him first, then we'll get going." He turned away and quickly began to set one up.

The hills of Urmut had a burnt appearance to them. There was a lot of brown and burgundy, and very little green. Still, it was healthy, clear ground, open to the wind and sky. It would make a fine battleground.
Kiari was rather glad she was alone right now. So much had happened so fast, she could hardly wrap her mind around it all. She just wished she didn't feel so confused by it. Saint, how did she really feel about Saint? She still couldn't believer Trent had turned out to be Saint.
She closed her eyes, forcing those thoughts back. She was here to focus on this fight. Thinking about what she knew, she crested the last hill. Loki-san was already there waiting.
"You're rather late," he remarked.
"You're rather early," she replied. "At least by ten minutes."
He chuckled. "So, shall we review the agreement? I'm sure you'll want to look for inconsistencies."
"Actually, I'd like to add conditions of my own," Kiari replied. He raised an eyebrow as she continued. "If I win, not only will you leave me alone, you will disband the Thieves' Guild forever."
"That's rather harsh, particularly since it unevens the score," he countered. "So to even it out...not only will you return to the guild when I win, but you'll become my own personal slave as well." He grinned slyly. "Ironic, isn't it. You left because of that guild, now you'll join as the most basic part of it. How ironic."
Kiari bit her tongue, but nodded. "So the conditions are: if I win, you'll leave me alone and disband the guild. If you win, I'll return to the guild and...slavery." She stepped back, the rings Mani Katti appearing in her hands. "I accept the terms," she said formally.
He nodded, two knives with long, slim blades appearing in his hands. "Terms accepted," he said, smiling. "Lets dance."

Fingers tapped idly on the polished stone. The whole place shone from the mix of crystal and glowstone. Beautiful designs and timeless figures had been carved from the pretty stone, giving the place an archaic, enchanted appearance and dignity.
But none of this registered to Arachni. It might as well have not existed.
He sat on the shoulder of a figure of a soldier, arm resting on its head while his fingers beat a steady tattoo on its helmet. His eyes were empty of everything but a dark bitterness. The mask had been removed; in fact, it now lay on the ground in multiple pieces. His face was now completely open, both sides, almost like a representation of light and shadow.
after a time of stillness, the corners of his mouth turned upwards in a deep smile. "They've met," he said. "its only a matter of time then." He stood abruptly, sliding off the shoulder of the figurine. "The pair of brothers is doing rather well. I'll be interested in seeing where they go." He chuckled. "Lets see...Hadrian is setting Nescala afire. Tempting ground, but I think I'll remain here for a while." He looked around, smiling. "The Crystal Caverns.."
He strode through the crystalline passages, going deeper within the strange place. Pausing before a grand door carved from the wall, he studied its architecture critically. He smiled softly. He placed his hand against its frozen stone and pushed it ajar, just enough for him to slip through and disappear into the room beyond.

Elsewhere...a message is sent to every player (this includes all of you guys)

To whom it may concern:
Infinite is now facing a crisis. The famed hacker Pierce has returned to our world, bringing a new horror with him. Through some underhanded means, he has perfected a way to kill people from inside the game. Already there have been a small number of casualties.
To those who can, we advise immediate log out until you hear otherwise. To those who cannot, we ask you to come and aid us as we confront this monster. Even if you cannot fight, we ask you to gather with us at Central City. A barrier has been erected to keep everyone safe. Those who choose to fight, come meet at Cyrano's camp outside of Wispy Hollows Swamp.
The fate of Infinite is now in yours hands.
~The Chancellor

OOC- I hope, Claec, I didn't go too far off Zare's natural character...when you get back, please let me know! Its bugging me now...
I....have nothing to say.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby FreddyCast » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:27 pm

Sage Blaze, Saint Reave, and Priestess Elian

Sage: Bleed you say? Look up and you’ll see your Answer.
(Lucius looks above him and sees the sky turning blood red and dark clouds gathering all over.)
Lucius: Oh, now that is interesting.
Sage: PRIESTESS, ENCASE HIM NOW. (Hearing Sage’s call, Elian takes her majestic sword in front of her and swirls it around and throws it above her. Her sword floats above and she begins to chant)
(A storm erupts and streaks of lighting flash every which way until, suddenly, huge pillars of lighting come down crashing at unimaginable speeds and strikes the ground as a blinding light shoots forth from the impacts. Lucius is imprisoned by bars of lightning constantly shooting back and forth.)
Lucius: Caging me won’t work. There’s no trap I can’t escape from.
Nuriel: Yes, master. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! (She stretches out her arms down towards Lucius’ directions and yells as she summons an inferno under Lucius’ feet, blasts of fire erupting from the ground as if a volcano had exploded letting loose it’s overpowering heat and energy.)
Sage: LET’S SEE IF YOU CAN ESCAPE THIS. (A huge rune appears up in the sky above the lightning prison that Lucius is trapped in.)


(Sage’s countenance fills with blazing rage, his eyes exuding fire, his hair transforming into flames and his spell book shooting forth a beam of heat up into the blood red sky. Suddenly a huge shooting star comes falling from the sky at incredible speed.)
Saint: Alright brother.
(Saint summons the Sword of Solitude, and immediately he encases himself in a huge crystalline boulder that’s almost impenetrable)
Elian. Right!
(As the comet comes down on Lucius and hits on impact, Elian directs her majestic sword towards the impact and collides with the comet’s explosion. The force of the impact blows away nearby buildings and levels everything else within a 10 block radius, but Elian’s sword transforms into a mass of swirling wind and lightning which directs the explosion up into the sky so as to not consume everyone in the explosion except Lucius.)


(From a distance, Maximius sees the explosion in the direction of the once great city of light. He ponders, saying, “So my sons have finally confronted the two items I left for them. Ha!”)
(Back in the city of Phosphoron, Saint looks on at the devastation with amazement)
Saint: Incredible, such power...its....its cracking the crystalline shield surrounding me. The ground is shaking beneath me. (To his horror, he realizes his brother is not protected and looks frantically to find him.) BROTHER! BROTHER! (Surprisingly, Saint witnesses a swirling pillar of blue flames protecting Sage) Thank goodness.
(Elian has a spiritual shield protecting her from the blast, while Nuriel has encased herself in a hard pearl egg shell. As the force of the explosion subsides and the blast fades into nothing but smoke, Sage, Saint, and Elian survey the destruction. Nuriel’s hard egg shell hits the ground like a rock completely charred and black from the heat of the explosion and Saint’s crystalline shielding collapses)
Saint: Man, I didn’t know you’d go this far to take down this guy. (Sage, exhausted from exerting so much energy, collapses to one knee)
Saint: Brother, you’re hurt. (Saint goes to his brother’s side.)
Sage protests: It’s fine. (He breathes heavily and slowly as he signals Saint to stop. Saint halts and observes Sage with concern and then turns to look at the blast area)
Saint: I think you got him.
Sage: No! *pant* we didn’t.
Saint: What, but no one can survive that much damage from a direct hit, none of us can.
Sage: He can. *pant*
Saint: If that’s true, then why did you waste all that energy?
Sage: We had to go all out *pant* to see *pant* how powerful he was.
Saint: But that’s just reckless. If you knew he could survive that blast.....
(Suddenly a burst of dark energy blows the smoke away. The demonic imperial figure stands unscathed and sparks of black electricity swirls erratically around his body.)
Lucius: Look at the mess you’ve made. My city is far worse now than it was a few minutes ago. (He analyzes Sage, Saint, Elian, and Nuriel, who is still encased in her egg shell.)
Lucius: What a waste, really. And you still haven’t touched me. So let me give this a try. (Lucius begins walking towards Sage)
Saint: Brother, he’s coming this way. Let me take a shot at him. (Saint summons his sword Durendal, but Sage grabs Saint’s left arm)
Sage: NO! *pant* Not yet! *pant* Don’t engage him.
Saint: But, brother. He’s going to be on top of us. I need to confront him.
Sage: Not...yet...(Sage passes out and Elian quickly comes to Sage’s aid)
Saint: Brother! Come on, get up. Brother...wake up.
Elian: What should we do? Without Sage, we can’t win.
Saint: AAHHHRR! Screw this. I’m going to fight him.
Elian: I’m right behind you. You won’t face him alone.
Saint: Thanks Elian! Now let’s do this. (As Lucius walks ever closer Saint charges Lucius at amazing speed) HAAAAAAAAAHHHH! (He thrusts his sword forward and to his surprise Lucius flash steps right through him.) What the.... (Saint turns to see Lucius still walking towards Sage. Elian strikes as well, but again Lucius flash steps right through her, ignoring both Saint and Elian and is mere feets away from Sage)
Sage: Why is he not facing us in combat? (Elian ponders and quickly realizes)
Elian: No....kill the leader and......
Lucius: ....this fight is over.
Saint: NO! THIS FIGHT ISN’T OVER. Layla you hear me? (A voice then is heard in Saint’s mind)
Layla: Of course, I’m ready to wipe the floor with this Maximius imposter.
Saint: Good to hear! FURY OF THE FORSAKEN!
(As Lucius is near arm’s length from Sage’s unconscious body he extends his finger and in a victoriously evil grin he says....)
Lucius: Touch! (But to Lucius’ surprise, Sage’s body quickly vanishes before he could touch him with his finger. Then Lucius turns around and sees Saint already in position to strike)
Saint: You want to kill a leader. THEN TRY ME. RRAAAAHHH! (With blinding speed he attacks Lucius with his sword durendal, relentlessly slashing at Lucius and with each blow as fast as the next that no mere human eye can follow. Finally, Saint throws one last powerful swing at Lucius’s neck that the mangled concrete debris behind him is blasted away from Saint’s swing.)
Saint: It seems like you were the one to bleed first. ( But to his dismay, the Lucius before him disintegrates and a sinister voice is heard behind)
Lucius: Think again!
(Saint quickly turns to strike, but Lucius stops his swing with two fingers and extends one finger, touching Saint’s right shoulder and instantly a beam of black light burst forth right through Saint’s shoulder. The force of the touch is so strong that it knocks Saint back a few feet and he begins to bleed from his right shoulder profusely.)
Elian: SAINT! NO......
Lucius: Looks like I drew the first blood. (Saint then begins to laugh, though he is in pain)
Lucius: And what is so funny.
Saint: But, I touched you, *grunts* so that means you gotta *grunts* answer our questions.
Lucius: I said maybe I would.
Saint: Well, are you....Or should I make you regret your refusal.
Lucius: Hahahaha! Cocky like your brother. I admire arrogance, such an amusing display of defiance against insurmountable odds. Hmhmhmhm. Fine! What were your 3 queries?
Saint: Do you know where Andonowin is?
Lucius: Dead! (Saints eyes widen, though he already had the feeling that he knew)
Saint: I see!
Elian: What? But, he can’t be dead.
Lucius I assure you he is.
Elian: But how?
Lucius: Is this your next query?
Saint: No! What’s your connection with Maximius?
Lucius: He is my creator, made in his image, the one who purposed me to carry out his plans of a perfect world of Infinite, that is until he discarded me and ruined my city....ruined me.
Saint: Well, that answers my third question. Now tell me, what do you plan on doing now?
Luicius: Because he has ruined me, my rage won’t be quenched until I see him bleed to death for his treachery.
Saint: Funny, was that after or before you betrayed him? (Lucius looks at Saint with annoyance and loathing)
Lucius: I’ve answered your queries. Now answer my 3 queries.
Saint: Why should I? (Instantly Lucius appears in front of Saint and has his index finger on Saint’s chest)
Lucius: I’ll burst your heart out of your chest in front of your companions if you don’t.
(Elian steps forward, but Saint raises his hand gesturing her not to get closer. Showing some fear in his eyes, Saint acquiesces)
Saint: Ok! What is it you want to know?
Lucius: Who is Maximius to you?
Saint: My enemy.
Lucius: What is your relationship to him?
Saint: He’s my uncle.
Lucius: Interesting! So you and your “brother” over there are his nephews. (Lucius whispers) Are these kids the ones he was hiding from me? No, it can’t be, they’re no threat. And they’re certainly not the type to seek peace and perfection.
Saint: What? I can’t hear you.
Lucius: ....Does Maximus have anyone else he cares for?
Saint: No! Not that I know of.
Lucius: Are you lying to me? (Saint grins)
Saint: I answered your queries.
Lucius: ......Yes, you did. Unfortunately they were unsatisfactory, now you die. (Suddenly Sage’s voice is heard behind Lucius)
Sage: Not before you bleed first. (Lucius’ eyes widen and he turns to face Sage, but is consumed by white fire and is brought to his knees writhing in pain.)
Lucius: Wha...what did you do to me? How did you....
Sage: Nice work distracting him Saint. It bought Elian enough time for her to heal me while he was preoccupied with answering your questions. Him questioning you was a bonus.
Lucius yells in anger: ANSWER ME!!!
Sage: Such a demanding person. Why is it a surprise to you? We’re experts in dealing with demons. That is our forte.
Lucius: That’s not what I....
Sage: ....asked? The white fire incapacitates any demon, no matter how powerful. It’s an ability the priestess and I developed combining both divine energy and fire into one powerful spiritual fire. In other words, a holy fire, one which no demon can overcome.

To be continued.....
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Oddood198 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:46 am

Lydia looked up in the corner of her vision as the chime sounded and an icon appeared notifying her of a new message. She opened it and saw, to her surprise, it was from guy named 'The Chancellor'. Weird, don't think I've ever even heard of this guy. Well, lets see what Palpatine has to say. She thought, reading through the message.
What was this, some kind of joke? A hacker killing people in the real world? No, no this couldn't be right, that was definitely not right. Lydia started to compose a message to her friend who was more knowledgeable in these fields.
"Hey, I assume you got the PM to, right? From that Chancellor guy? Is what he said true, that his Pierce guy can kill people in real life from in the game? That's totally impossible, right?"
She sent the message and waited for a minute. The response took an oddly long time, since interaction between them was usually almost immediate, and when it did come it was brief and curt.
I don't know, but if it's really him, then maybe. Don't take chances, log out right now. ~SC"
Well, that wasn't helpful at all. Lydia opened her menu and navigated to the log out button, and when she tried pressing it, got the same error message from earlier. She looked at Meeka, "You can't log out either, right?" She asked, "You should get to Central then, sounds like it's safer there, at least." And what about me? She wondered. Lydia wasn't a coward, but she was certainly afraid of dying. If she was going to die, well and truly die with no respawn, just actually become dead, she was hoping to do it when she was old and grey and had lead a fulfilling life, not because she had stayed on the computer too long. Between Central and Wispy Hollows, where were her chances better? Was there really even a difference? She sighed, "Well, screw it all." She said, "I'm heading to Misty Hollows Swamp."

After just a few seconds, the message she sent to Lydia was the last thing on Saify's mind. At the moment, she was dashing with the speed of lightning through some cave or another, trying to make it out. She had more or less lost track of where exactly she was, she just knew she wasn't at Wispy Hollows yet. As he feet skidded over the ground with blinding speed, her hands worked just as fast as she sorted through and replied to messages, gathered useful items from her inventory, and started assigning all her built up skill upgrades. Pierce had really done it now, all of Infinite was about to go into chaos again, people were even dying... over a game. It struck Saify, not for the first time, how absurd it was that Pierce would do all this, go to these lengths, even kill people over a stupid game
Doesn't matter. She thought, I'm not fighting over a game, not anymore. He's made this a lot bigger than that. Now it's revenge, not just for myself anymore, but for his other victims. And justice, a killer has to be stopped before he kills again. "No matter what it takes, I'll make sure he doesn't get back up this time I put him down."

OOC: And I don't really feel like doing Jean now... But he's almost done, I think the timing at least is coming together nicely for me.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:14 pm

“Spirit of blood! Daughter of Sol! Son of Appollyan! Spirit of Illness! Arise!”
Michaelis and Astral appeared on her left, Rival and Slaris on her right. Kiari had mixed feelings about summoning Slaris, but if she could figure out how to use her skills, the spirit of possession would prove an invaluable asset.
Loki put his hands together, making various gestures with them. Suddenly, multiple images of Loki began to appear around them. 10, 20, 50, 100, till Kiari was completely surrounded. She glanced around in some chagrin. “A hundred of you, eh? That should make it about even,” she said with forced bravo. He chuckled.
“Then lets go.”
With those three words, the copies started moving. Some dove straight at her, while others circled around her. Kiari quickly set Rival into the midst of them, while Michaelis and Astral were to keep them off her back. Slaris was using her sickness ability to spread poison though their ranks. It was rather weak, but its lasting effects still gave it impact. Kiari wondered what the higher levels of poison could do.
For every copy destroyed, another ten appeared to take its place. Kiari realized wrathfully that Loki could easily wear her down like this till she was an easy kill. She would have to dig him out.
"Michaelis!" she shouted. "Blood Call!"
"Gladly!" He flung out his hands, emitting a sickly red aura. Instantly copies began to fall, one by one, then by the dozen. However, there were stil too many to pick the real out out from.
"Astral! Glory of Sol!"
Astral raised her hands to the sky, which filled with a blinding light. Kiari fell back, covering her eyes with her hands, but the light was too strong.
"Rival! Dark Cover!"
Rival appeared before her. Spreading out his wings, Kiari, Michaelis and Slaris were enveloped in a shadow so deep, not even the sun could penetrate it.
The light gathered into a sphere about as large as a dragon's egg, resting in Astral's hands. She held it for a moment, then flung it to the ground. A sound sharper than a thunderclap rocked the world, and the ground shook with terrific force, knocking Kiari and everyone else to the ground. When the light cleared, the ground relaxed, and the sound reduced to an annoying ringing, Kiari opened her eyes and climbed to her feet. As she opened her pack to find a healing potion, she looked for Loki. The field was, however, empty, and there was no sign of the guild master. Kiari grit her teeth in frustration.
Something shot up behind her, and only quick reflexes saved her from a fatal blow. It was still a forcible one, though, leaving her in a critical condition.
Loki smirked at her as she scrambled to her feet. "Good show," he remarked. "But that's all you are. You've plenty of flash, but when it comes right down to it, you ain't got the force to back it up."
"I'm only just getting started," Kiari hissed, quickly drinking a health potion.
Loki shook his head. "You revealed your best cards from the start. You've nothing left to fall back on. Lets finish this without further embarrassment, aye?" he suddenly lunged forward.
Sha shrank back, but something suddenly was between her and Loki, taking the blow. Her eyes widened as her gaze was filled with the hue of golden wings.
'Sorry mate," Hawke said, his wings spread out protectively. "But I saw earlier. If you're going to throw out multiples, then I don't see why I can't join."
"Hawke!" Kiari gasped. "But..."
"Don't worry about it," he said. "I won't ask. Just trust me, I've got your back."
Loki smiled, then began creating copies again. Each copy as it was made, however, began to adopt another form, people well familiar to Kiari. Friends and family now surrounded her. Sage and saint, Elian, members of the IFF, the councilors, but worst of all her own mom and dad. Loki grinned. "You're awfully soft-hearted," he said. "What will you do when even those you love turn on you?"
"They're just...fakes," Kiari said softly. She closed her hands, holding up Mani Katti. "I can see past them Loki."
The first sets came at her. Kiari took a deep breath, then released Michaelis, Astral, Rival, and Slaris back to the spirit realm. Suddenly, they no longer seemed appropriate. Besides the obvious drain on her stats by calling them up, she was beginning to realize just what kind of fight this was. She could not lean on others' shoulders anymore, or she would never get anywhere in her life. Hawke was...different, however. He said it himself, he had her back, like a friend and not a crutch. She was the leading force, and if she surrendered her position today, just like she always did, then that was where she would remain the rest of her life.
This was her time to show what powers she herself contained.
Hawke threw back his head, shrieking a half-human half-animal sound that sent chills down one's spine. She tightened her grip on her weapons, smirking herself, then leapt forward with a wild battlecry.
The members of IFF were quickly removed, and the second wave consisted of the council members. They fought as those people did, with their particular styles, but lacking their special skills. With Hawke's aid, she successfully made short work of them. Next appeared the Sage, Saint and Elian crew. A wave of memories filled her, and it was painful to strike at them. She realized quickly she couldn't continue like this, she couldn't hit them. The memories, the love was just too strong. So she did the one thing she could do.
She closed her eyes.
"Hawke!" she shouted. "Fly above me! Let me see through yours eyes!"
Swiftly, her senses adjusted. No longer sight alone, but now the ultimate senses of a hawk filled her. Through the piercing vision, Hawke guided her directly to the core of the copy, a Loki in its center. With Hawke blocking out all else for her, she struck into its core. A flicker on the edge of her vision told her it was Saint, but she closed her eyes to it and pushed on.
Mom and Dad... "I never felt you any hate," she said quietly, facing off. "Dad...I just wish you'd remember your promise. Come home, okay?" and she passed through them. It was...easy. They were only regular humans, after all.
Loki waited beyond.
"LOKI!" she shouted, leaping up as she opened her eyes. "I'M TAKING YOU DOWN!"
He grinned, leaping back and deflecting a ring with his knife. "Are you now?" he asked with a smile. His form went vague, then suddenly transformed. Kiari's eyes narrowed as another Hawke was before her. "This form should work." He leapt up, flying.
Kiari nodded to herself. "So you can draw on other people's skills....alright then." She suddenly leapt up, her weapon starting to glow. She smirked at him. "You neglect to remember I've spent a long time with my friend. So I know the best way to clip a bird's feathers." She began to spin, becoming a single whirling blade. Loki shook his head, smirking. The blade flew at him and he dodged it easily.
"See," he said. "You just-?!" he gasped as pain shot through him. Kiari landed on the ground a few feet away.
"Congratulations," she said as he collapsed to the ground, spasming. "I have just severed your spine. Once your body has finished convulsing, you will be paralyzed."
"Con...congratulations," he replied, managing a smile. "I see you at least...can do that much."
Kiari grinned. "Well, I've won. So you better follow through on your part, Will Forest!" He stared at her. She grinned at him. "Yep, I know all about you. So you'd better keep to your bargain, or I'll send all the information to the police."
He gave her a death glare, but she just waved it away. "Just do it already." After a minute, she received a notice telling her the guild had been disbanded. For a few seconds, she almost couldn't believe it, then she let out a shriek of delight and danced around like a two-year-old. Hawke started laughing, while Loki just looked disgusted.
"Hawke!" she suddenly shouted, running to him. "Thank you! Lets get away from here!"
"I know just the place," he said, lifting her up and flying away.
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Banana Lobster » Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:54 pm

OOC: It feels good to be back! :D Thanks for waiting guys, for your patience, a shorter (but no less enjoyable, I hope ;) ) post.

Sage Shade

Shade was in the harbor when she received the message; she had just finished tugging on a brand-new pair of (black) fingerless gloves made of thick leather, when she heard a small ding! She slipped into an alley and sat down, crossing her legs and pulling up the message. As she read, she stiffened, and her eyes narrowed. She'd already known there was a hacker, but his identity and just how much power he had came as a complete surprise to her. Once again she pulled up the menu and hit the Log Out button, but wasn't surprised in the least when she received an 'error' message for her trouble.

She rubbed her eyes and sighed; normally, she tried to avoid getting involved in conflicts unless dragged into them, as seemed the case here. Now the question was should she join the fight (and very likely lose any chance she had of seeing her little brother ever again), or should she hide in Central City (where she had just about the same chance of seeing her brother again as she did outside the barrier)? Leaning back against the wall, she looked up at the sky, watching the clouds drift along. She-Dara, not Shade-wasn't really the kind of person her in-game character would lead one to believe. She tended to keep to herself, like Shade, but where Shade was cold and offsetting, Dara was innocuous-no on noticed her. Alright, she had a talent for numbers, but so long as she didn't crow about it, nobody ever asked. Well, Ian had, but he was even better with numbers than she was, and loved going over old tests to see if he could find her mistakes. The corner of her mouth twitched.

She leaned forwards, resting her chin on interlocked fingers. Now that she thought about it, she doubted that if she went to Central City someone else would just 'take care' of Pierce. The last time he had reared his head, no one had been too worried; they just assumed that the mods would take care of it, and even if they did run into him, it was just a game, so nobody would really get hurt.

But now, now it was real. Now, if the Chancellor's message was real, then if you died in-game, you didn't just get kicked out and had to try again. This time, it was everything or nothing; it was all out war. She couldn't see people lining up to fight; most would probably be freaking out, thinking 'This can't be real, it's supposed to be just a game!' If she wanted to be sure, really sure, she would have to pitch in. They'd need all hands on deck, so to speak.

Her decision made, she pulled up the list of warp points, using an item to leap across the miles to the Devil's Arrow, a large spire of red rock at a slant, seeming to point towards the Devil's Tower, a tower made of the same red rock that stood far off in the distance, fabled to be one of the most dangerous dungeons in Infinite. Shade lifted a hand to block the sun as she gazed at the foreboding silhouette in the distance. But that was a challenge for another time; she turned around and began to walk towards the Wispy Hollows Swamp, roughly two miles away, its tall trees easily viewable from the warp point.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:15 pm

OOC: I have returned. I'm so sorry, Wolf. This shouldn't happen again. Also, Zare was awesomeness. You didn't take him out of character at all. You did perfect.

Zare crossed his arms as he waited for Ash, tapping his foot impatiently. It wasn't that he was impatient, really. He just needed to do something to get his mind off of things. He was still kind of caught off guard at Ash's reaction to his outburst, as well as the fact of the outburst itself. He was surprised that he'd been so stubborn about it. The old Zare would have said, "Whatever, see if I care" and turned and walked away angrily. And yet he'd forced Ash to make a decision, tenaciously determined to stay by his side. If Zare wasn't careful, he might actually become a loyal companion.
A message notification popped up while he waited, and Zare pulled it up, wondering who would bother to message him anymore.
"Hmmm..." He said as he read it. "So...I'm guessing this probably isn't a good thing, on a number of levels, right?"
Zare wasn't about to admit that he was more than a little unnerved, not after his rant. But still...what was going on? And should he really condone Ash trying to rescue this guy?
Zare shook his head. Like the idiot he was, he decided to put it aside, and cross that bridge when he came to it. Right now, regardless of the moral issues or consequences, he was going to stand by Ash, even if it meant facing off with every other member of Infinite.
What exactly did I get myself into? Zare finally thought, realizing that, in spite of his bravado, he was in way over his head.

A message notification popped up, but Kenji wasn't exactly in a position to check his mail at the moment. Ignoring it, he reached out and grabbed the rope. Ceasar's throw had been less than accurate, and Kenji had to almost launch himself away from the cliff to catch the trailing end that flew about three feet behind his head. In the same motion he managed to accidentally yank his dagger out of the rock face. For a second it was that sickening sensation as nothing happened, then his stomach was in his throat as he fell downward. He tensed the hand that held the rope, clinging for dear life. As expected, it jarred his whole body, undoubtedly doing something awful to his shoulder. As he swung slowly back and forth, Kenji laughed lightly. But when he started to shift his body so he could grab the rope with his other hand, he gave a sharp cry of pain. Yeah, his shoulder was definitely dislocated. That was lovely.
"Um...sorry," Kenji muttered, a bit more weakly than he intended. Then he managed a big, goofy smile. "I can't really climb up or anything. You'll have to either pull me up or let me fall."
Just to be certain, Kenji tried to move again, but there was so much strain on his injured shoulder that any movement at all sent searing pain through it. This time the pain made him lose his grip on his dagger, and he watched as it fell the long distance.
"Well, that's annoying." He said simply.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby FreddyCast » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:47 pm

An hour ago

(Queen Saphira and her companions Scarlet Cross and Crimson Akatski are walking on a dirt road moving away from the Nescalan territories as she nears the city of Phosphoron.)

Scarlet: My Queen, we’ve been walking for quite a while. Do we have a destination?
Queen: We don’t, but....(she begins to open a vile of crystalline dust and pours the dust onto the ground)...I’ll find us a destination.
(the crystalline dust rises up like glittering smoke. Saphira speaks to the dust in front her with determination) Mist of Seers, reveal to me a man named Sage Blaze.
Akatski: Sage Blaze?
Queen: It’s a name that Valdus would sometimes bring up while I was spying on him with my all-seeing eye. I have no one else to go to, and I certainly don’t want to be looking for Lucius, that troublesome and cunning serpent. (The Mist of Seers reveals nothing)
Queen: That’s strange, it won’t disclose Sage’s location. Is this another one of Valdus’ secrets he kept from me....Fine! Mist of Seers, let me speak to Sage Blaze.

(Sage is overlooking the burning city of Phosphoron waiting for Saint to log in to the game)
Sage: My brother is certainly taking his time. The numskull! (Suddenly Sage hears a voice calling him)
Saphira: Can you hear me, is this Sage I’m speaking to?
Sage: Who’s there? How do you know my name? (Sage looks around, but sees no one)
Saphira: Oh good...I’m using the Mist of Seers to speak to you. You can’t see me, but I can communicate with you. You don’t know me, but I know you through a man named Valdus.
Sage: Never heard of him. What’s your name and what do you want?
Saphira: I am Queen Saphira of Nescala and I’m here to seek your help.
Sage: The Queen of Nescala? Why are you seeking my help?
Saphira: I believe Valdus to be Maximius in disguise. He has taken away my throne and made the land of Nescala his own. The Nescalan armies are under his authority now and he’s probably defeating the last of the resistance. I’ve got no one else to turn to in this outside world. Will you help me?
Sage: If it concerns Maximius, then I will help.
Saphira: Oh thank you very much. Can you please tell me where you are? I don’t know my way outside of the lands of Nescala.
(Sage ponders for a bit as he looks at the sky above the city of Phosphoron. Then he grins.)
Sage: Are you near the city of Phosphoron.
Saphira: I’m not sure. I am in Teiran lands though.
Sage: Then look for a big explosion in the sky. It’ll be huge, so you won’t miss it. Just follow its direction and you will find me.
Saphira: I understand. I’ll follow your sign in the sky. When will I see it?
Sage: Soon enough.
Saphira: Ok! I’ll be vigilant then. Bye! (She ends her communication and her countenance is one of bewilderment and curiosity) An explosion in the sky. What is he planning?
Akatski: Do you believe we can trust him, your Majesty?
Saphira: I don’t know, but I don’t think we have any other option.
Scarlet: He might be dangerous like Lucius.
Saphira: I didn’t get that feeling from him. All I know is that he’s willing to aid us. Only time will tell if he’s friend or foe.

(Back to Sage)
Sage: The Queen of Nescala, eh? She could probably be useful for what’s going to happen ahead. (Sage’s menu pops in front of him and a message informs him that Saint has logged in.) Ah, good! It’s time to teleport my brother to my location.

(Back to the present, Lucius has been incapacitated by Sage’s white fire. Then he begins to faintly laugh as he still feels the pain from the white flames on his body)

Lucius: hahahaha! That’s right, if Maximius is your foe, then it makes sense for you three to be demon slayers. But....I’m not...(he stretches out his arm with his palm wide open as if he’s expecting to receive something in his hand) easily defeated.
(Sage suddenly realizes what he’s doing and warns Elian and Saint)
Sage: HES CALLING HIS SCYTHE. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. (The trio quickly dodge Lucius' incoming scythe which lands on Lucius’ hand. And with sheer force of will, Lucius gets up to his feet and blows away the white flames from his body with his overpowering energy. Elian steps up to Lucius with Saint right behind her, and both take their stance with their swords drawn out.)

Lucius: You will not catch me by surprise again. (Elian responds with bravado)
Elian: We won’t need to. We’ll just shove the white flames down your throat.
Saint: Elian!?
Elian: Sorry, was that too much?
Saint: No, no, just seems so unlike you. I’m glad you’re on our side. (Saint smiles at her)
Elian: Thanks. (Elian smiles back, but Lucius is not amused)
Lucius: Why don’t you prove your threat. Let’s see if you’re really a femme fatale or a scared puppy who’s all bark and no bite.
Elian: I’d be glad to show you.
Sage: Careful, Elian, we need him alive. He’s the “Rage of the Ruined”.
Elian: Sure, Sage. (Elian takes the advantage by flying up in the sky and striking from above with her majestic sword, while Saint zig-zags with incredible speed using the “Fury of the Forsaken” and attacking at a very fast rate from all directions. However, Lucius easily blocks all incoming strikes with his scythe and strikes back at Saint who’s then put on the defensive. Lucius jumps high and grabs Elian’s sword and pulls her down and slams her to the ground. Saint tries to come to Elian’s aid, but is immediately cut by Lucius scythe and blunted on the face with the blunt end of the scythe. Saint falls back and lays on the ground grabbing his face in pain. Sage summons multiple beams of fire that follow Lucius everywhere he goes. Every time Lucius dodges the beam of fire they turn back and keep tracking him down.)

Sage: How long do you think you can dodge my fiery beams?
Lucius: Long enough to....(Suddenly Lucius flash steps in front of Sage to the point that his face is six inches away from Sage’s face)....distract you.
(Sage’s eyes widen as he realizes that Lucius has been directing all of his beams of fire to surround him without his notice. He tries to escape, but Lucius swipes his scythe upward critically cutting Sage and leaving him incapacitated. Lucius flash steps away and the beams of fire engulf Sage in an explosion of fire.)
Lucius: Is this all that Demonslayers can do.
(Sage drags himself out of the huge flames unscathed, yet limping from Lucius’ scythe attack.)
Lucius: Well, you’re a resilient foe.
Sage: Flames...*pant*...can’t...*pant*...hurt me.
Lucius: Clearly you’re not in a condition to continue.
Sage: You’re right...hahaha..*coughs in pain*....but she is.....(Suddenly Lucius turns around to see Nuriel’s pearl egg cracking and bursting forth flames that turn into a pheonix)....she’s more than a challenge for you now.


(Nuriel rides the phoenix and soars high into the air. Lucius, showing no fear, jumps high up to reach her, but the phoenix is too fast and instead rams Lucius multiple times till he falls to the ground. The phoenix then sends a barrage of fireballs towards Lucius, engulfing him in flames. Lucius brushes the flames aside with one swing of his Scythe, but then Lucius sees Elian and is too slow to react to her attack. She stabs Lucius on his chest with her majestic sword and raises her sword up above her with Lucius still impaled on her sword. Then she swings her sword like a hammer towards the ground and Lucius is ground pounded. Lucius forces the sword out of his chest, but is slashed by Saint with his sword Durendal. Saint summons the Tundra Claymore and strikes the ground. Sudddenly ice quickly pours out of the sword and Lucius is enveloped by ice so that he’s unable to move. Finally, Sage summons the last of his strength and uses his signature move.)
Sage: Dodge this...PHEONIX BLAZE!
(Sage punches Lucius in the face and flies back, crashing into a concrete wall of what used to be a building. The concrete debris falls on top of him, burying him in concrete. Elian rejoices in victory)
Elian: We did it!
Sage: It’s not over!
Saint: How much damage can this guy take?
(Instantly the concrete debris is blasted away and Lucius comes out filled with rage)
(Lucius is clouded by his rage and charges at the Trio, but all of a sudden Scarlet Cross and Crimson Akatski pounce on Lucius and pins him down with their spear and katana mere inches from his neck. Lucius looks up and to his surprise he sees Queen Saphira before him)

Lucius: Hahaha! I didn’t expect to find you here.
Saphira: Neither did I. Don’t move or my servants will cut off your head before you even have a chance to move.
Lucius: Well what now, Queen Saphira?
Saphira: This fight is over. Give up.
Lucius: Hahaha! You know I can’t do that. (Sage approaches Queen Saphira)
Sage: What took you so long?
Saphira: Forgive me! I didn’t know I was needed this urgently.
Lucius: So it was you who called her here.
Sage: Of course I did. The nuke we dropped on your head was more than just for show.
Lucius: I really like how you think, Sage. You would have been a great servant.
Sage: I serve no one, but my own family.
Lucius: Admirable, but any conviction can be broken.
Sage: Say what you want, Lucius. You cannot take on all seven of us. (Elian, Saint, and Nuriel surround Lucius as Scarlet, Akatski, and Saphira have him restrained.)
Lucius: Clearly I am outnumbered and outgunned. But you might as well kill me now, because if I can’t take my vengeance, I will make sure to take as many of you with me.
Sage: That’s good to hear.
Lucius: What?
Sage: You want your vengeance, so do we. Give up now and lend us your immense strength, and I’ll make sure to give you that vengeance you seek.
Saphira: What are you doing, Sage? He’s too dangerous to set free.
Sage: He won’t be free, he’ll be my slave. His power as the “Rage of the Ruined” is part of what is needed to kill the false god, Maximius.
Saphira: I’ve never heard of such a thing. But, if it can help us stop Valdus, then I can overlook Lucius’ transgressions.
Lucius mockingly says: Thank you for showing such mercy to me, Queen Saphira. (Unexpectedly Saphira stabs Lucius on his back with her spear.)
Saphirs: Peace, my friend Sage. If he is going to be your slave, I must first free the man that Lucius is possessing (Lucius’ spirit is sucked out of the host’s body and stands exposed)
Sage: I see....Lucius, you’ve been stripped from Councilor Nathanial’s body, you have no other option now. Accept your fate and lend me your powers.
Lucius: Hmm...this will be interesting. Know this, Sage. If I find any weakness in your willpower, I will possess your body. Yours seems far more beneficial than my former host body.
Sage: I care not for your words of praise, You will not take my body away from me.
Lucius: We’ll see....(Lucius spirit is absorbed into Sage’s body) We’ll see.....
(As Lucius spirit is completely absorbed by Sage, Nathanial awakens)
Nathanial: Ah, man, what happened?
Elian: Councilor Nathanial, you’ve been freed from Lucius’ control.
Nathanial: I don’t....I remember now....(Nathanial’s voice becomes filled with anger) I remember. THAT, THAT SNAKE WRONGED ME. MAXIMIUS...MAXIMIUS IS GOING TO PAY FOR DOING THIS TO ME. HE WILL FEEL MY WRATH.
Elian: Please, Councilor, be at peace. Maximus isn’t here.
Nathanial: Why can’t I get up? (Nathanial’s body starts showing signs of breaking down. He can barely move now)
Saphira: Lucius’ possession of his body could not handle the stress and damage he received in this fight.
Saint: Oh no, we’re so sorry. If we had known that our battle was doing this to your body we wouldn’t....
Sage: There was no avoiding this. Lucius is not the type to take on easily.
Nathanial: How am I supposed to take my revenge now?
Sage: Simple, lend us your power as the “Wrath of the Wronged”.
Nathanial: The what?
Saint: This doesn’t seem right. Why is Nathanial and Lucius the items that we’re looking for? Why here of all places?
Elian: It’s like Maximius planned for us to find these items.
Sage: There is a commonality between all of these items. All of them were betrayed by Maximius or affected by him in some way.
Nathanial: I don’t care, I want Maximus to pay for this. What should I do?
Sage: Queen Saphira, can you please free his spirit?
Saphira: I’d be glad to help.
Elian: But who’s going to receive Nathanial’s power?
Sage: You will, Priestess.
Elian: Me?
Saint: My brother is right. All of us need to be powerful enough to defeat Maximius, no one person can take him on alone. You should take his power. Me and my brother already have one.
Sage: It’s only fair.
Elian: I understand. Thank you, Sage and Saint.
Saphira: You three have a strong bond. I feel comforted to know that you three are on our side.
Sage: I have only one side, and that’s my brother.
(Saint puts his hand on Sage’s left shoulder and squeezes it)
Sage: OW!
Saint: What he meant to say was, thank you for your gracious praise, Queen Saphira.
Sage: Hmph!
(Elian giggles at Saint and Sage’s exchange. Saphira hovers her majestic spear above Nathanial and sucks his spirit out of his body and is absorbed by Elian)
Saint: Where should we go now, brother?
Saphira: I believe Central City is our next destination. This Pierce character seems like another foe that must be dealt with.
Sage: Yes, I saw the message before we entered the city. It seems this game has become too dangerous. It’s hard to believe that this Pierce guy found a way to actually kill players in real life within the game.
Elian: Actually...I’ve got a confession to make. (Everyone stares at Elian in bewilderment) It’s not Pierce who found a way to kill people within the game. Maximius, he’s the one who’s behind the mysterious deaths that have been occurring.
Sage: What? You’re lying.
Saint: She’s not lying, brother. Layla just told me. Elian is speaking the truth.
Sage: Then why keep this from us, Priestess?
Elian: He’s....he’s supporting my terminally ill adopted mother. If I had revealed his secret, he would have ended his support and my mother would have died.
Sage: What else are you hiding from us? (Sage grows frustrated and furious over Elian keeping this from them)
Elian: Nothing. I swear I know nothing else about Maximius.
Sage: How are we supposed to trust what you say now? What other lies have you been deceiving us with?
Elian: I never lied to you, I just never told you the truth about this till now....Sage...Saint...Please believe me.
(Sage leaves enfuriated by Elian)
Sage: I told you, Saint. But you didn’t listen. I told you she would be nothing but trouble. (Sage walks away from the group)
Saint: Brother, wait!....(Saint turns to address the others) I’m sorry, everyone, I got to go. (Saint follows after Sage. Saphira looks on, completely surprised by the turn of events)
Saphira: Maybe I spoke too soon.
(Elian has her head tilted down and covers her face with her hands, not wanting to let anyone see her lamenting)
Saphira: Oh, my poor girl, don’t fret so much. If your bond with those two men is as strong as I believe it is, they will return, and they will forgive you.
Elian: I....I hope you’re right.

To be continued....
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:34 pm

The crystal throne, it had been dubbed. The whole room resembled a throne room, though whether it was an intentional creation is uncertain. The throne itself was a single crystal that just happened to have an indention just perfect for sitting on.
Arachni now sat in this eat, idly tapping his foot to some unheard beat. His head rested in his hand, staring listlessly at the ceiling.
An icon popped up,. He studied it, then opened the pm it announced.
Piece, you've got people out to kill you again, for real. They're going to duplicate what you've been using to kill you from inside the game. I'm coming to protect you. ~Ash
"That's funny...I had no clue I could do that," he said musingly. "Hadrian...are you putting the blame on me again?" Sighing, he stood. "Guess I'll meet with my irrepressible brother."

Ash grinned humorlessly at Zare. "Yeah, I suppose I really shouldn't even be considering this, but...I can't help but feel this is wrong." He shook his head, rthenn said, "Well, we'll have to find him first. My guess would be-"
"Right here." Arachni stood behind him with a dry half-smile on his face. It grew when Ash whirled around, clearly startled. "SO what's this nonsense about protecting me?"
Ash was recovering slowly, having not expected Pierce to be so willing to reveal himself. Rallying his thoughts, he said, "And hello to you too. one of the mods, the Chancellor in fact, has alerted Cyrano and the rest of the world to your deeds. They intend to duplicate your work in order to kill you from inside the game."
Arachni snorted. "Well, they'll be about as successful as the enthusiasts," he replied. "Always close but never quite. I thank you, but I don't really need your help."
"Pierce, he's gathering every player in Infinite. Even you couldn't fight off so many."
"I'm the equal of a god here, brother, of course I can." Arachni laughed scornfully. "Besides, how can someone who's failed to protect himself from himself protect anything else?"
"To play by your logic," Ash answered. "I have protection now."
"You mean you found a crutch, Big deal. You want me to lean on you? Like heck!"
"You used to, when you were younger,'' Ash reminded him. "Before everyone else, you always came instantly to me."
"Am I to be defined by who I was as a child?" Arachni smirked, leaning forward slightly. "Let me tell you a secret, brother mine. I hate you." Ash recoiled slightly. "I've hated you for so long now. You've always pretended to be the "good" older made me sick! You're nothing but a thorn in my side, the embodiment of everything holding me back. I've wished you dead or corrupted all these years. I was overjoyed when I heard the house burned down. Imagine my elation to learn you did it!" He laughed. "You're as fallen as I am, more so in fact! only a fool would believe you salvageable! You're as worth "protecting" as I need "protection"! Besides, you hate me too. Our fight in Megiddus, remember? Such hate! Only I could hate you more!" He threw back his head, laughing hard. "Pathetic worm! I despise the very sight of you! I despise you!"
"But you came," Ash said quietly, calmly. Arachni paused, staring at him levelly. Ash noticed something else then, something that gave him hope.
"'re crying."
Arachni blinked, then gasped as his vision blurred. "Wha...I...I..."
"I think...I understand," Ash said quietly. "You've been hurt badly. You're trying to hurt back, regardless of who or how." He took a step forward. "Pierce...I never hated you."
"Liar!" Archni suddenly flung a dark force, knocking Ash down.
But as Ash lifted his face from the sand, he was smiling. It wasn't dark or sardonic, but genuine and loving. "I never hated you," he repeated, standing. "I was angry enough to believe so, but all along, I never id. I guess its because...I really do love my little brother." He strted walking toward him, steadily.
Arachni's eyes widened. "g-get back!" he shouted, shooting a dark spear. Ash made no move to dodge it, and it went right through his shoulder. He grunted, biting back a cry of pain, but paid it no further heed and continued his advance. Clearly unsettled, Arachni began throwing more, wildly trying to stop his brother. But no matter what came, Ash kept moving, kept coming, even when it seemed his entire body was saturated in blood, till he stood before Arachni. His brother flinched back. Ash fell forward, wrapping his arms around Arachni. He stiffened as Ash quietly spoke.
"I forgive you, little brother. I love you."
Arachni shoved him away, falling over backwards while Ash collapsed. Wild-eyed he scrambled back. Ash raised his head weakly.
"brother...I know what you want. But playing god...won't bring you the love, the trust, you want."
Arachni slammed his hands over his ears, but he could still hear Ash talking.
"There are a lot of...unideal people, but...if you think having power will help you...find those who are're wrong. And I know you know this."
"...shut up...."
"Pierce." Ash reached toward him almost pleadingly, his own eyes damp. "I love you Pierce. I want to be with you again helping you in your trials, just like we used to."
I love you...I want to be with you...
"SHUT UP!!!"
Arachni stumbled to his feet. "Do what you want! I don't care!" and he disappeared.
Ash smiled wanly at Zare. "Well, its a the right direction,." and he blacked out.

His wails echoed through the entire caverns. he screamed like a madman, pounding the floor till his fists bled. Even then, he kept going, clawing till he had dug into the crystal, leaving bloody furrows like ditches carrying water.
Then he started to hiccup.
It brought him back though, those funny little noises. He stared at his hands incomprehensibly, then closed them. He crawled into a corner, the only one in shadow in the entire room. His back went against the wall, his knees hugged against his chest, and his face was buried in his knees. His weeping, unbroken save for the occasional hiccup, began to die down till there was no sound.
In a few minutes, a new sound could be heard. He suddenly fell to his side, still curled up but still and quiet. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was gentle.
Pierce had fallen asleep.

"You would do this," he muttered, painfully pulled Kenji back up. As he sat down, exhausted, he realized he had a pm. He checked it out, and his eyes widened. "Well....what do you make of this?" he asked.
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Infinite Powers

Postby ClaecElric4God » Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:09 pm

Zare felt like he must have jumped about 3 feet in the air when Arachni suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Having not at all expected him to be there, Zare really didn't have any reaction for it. Before he'd even recovered, Arachni and Ash were talking.
Zare clenched his fists when Arachni started talking. He was badmouthing Ash again, trying to mess with his head and convince him that he was trash. Why did he keep doing that? Zare could rip him to shreds. But he waited, remembering how that had turned out last time.
Zare started when Arachni pushed Ash down. But Ash seemed to be in control of the situation, so he stayed his ground. But then it happened. Out of nowhere, Arachni threw a spear at Ash. Zare yelped in surprise, but before he could do anything, Ash was struck. Rage boiled up inside of him, and he stepped forward, ready to give this fight everything he had. But...Ash wasn't reacting. He didn't even allow himself to show his pain. Instead, he pressed forward, still talking to Arachni.
Looking back and forth between the two, it finally got through Zare's thick head exactly what was going on, and he realized that he had no right to interfere. If anything, it would make Ash hate him. This was Ash's "fight", and Zare had no business getting between them. But he sank to the ground, clutching a handful of dirt as if to root himself to the spot. Because everything in him told him to go stop them. Ash was getting hurt...there was much more could he take? How much more could Zare take?
After what seemed like forever, it was finally over. Arachni was gone. And while Zare was sure Ash wished he could have convinced him to stay, Zare was more than relieved to see him go. He couldn't have possibly kept himself from trying to kill him, whatever the consequences, if he'd stayed any longer.
Zare dove to where Ash was, scrambling through his inventory for healing potions.
"Hang in there, Ash..." Zare choked, realizing that his own eyes were blurring with what must have been tears. "You idiot..."
Zare didn't have a brother, so he couldn't understand what could drive Ash to that extreme, but...
"What on earth were you thinking?!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. It didn't matter that Ash was unconscious. He had to let it out. Ash...was so much stronger than Zare had thought he was. He felt so foolish for thinking that Ash was the one who needed him.
"Ash," he said quietly as he dealt with the Magnus' wounds. "You must be the only person in the world who could get me to actually try to help that guy. Even now, there's nothing I'd like more than to kill that..." Zare bit back the word "monster", trying to respect Ash's feelings. No matter what good there was in him, or how much Ash cared for him, Zare couldn't bring himself to do anything but loathe the person who so unfeelingly destroyed...and who'd hurt his only friend.

Kenji leaned against the wall, taking in deep, ragged breaths. Whatever Caesar was saying wasn't registering at all, but he wasn't about to admit that. That and he was out of healing potions. Not exactly wise, considering the dungeon they were in...
"Yeah...whatever..." he panted, unable to think of anything witty or insane.
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