Kingdom Hearts: Remix

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Kingdom Hearts: Remix

Postby raider~joseph » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:09 pm

Kingdom Hearts: Remix
Earth has been victim to a set of shattering discoveries that have rocked the planet to its scientific and philosophical core. The first of these is that that satellites from all the countries all over the world simultaneously stopped giving off signals. The second was that the planets: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. Vanished from the view of telescopes. The last was that the stars were rearranged. The world was in a state of panic. Everything everyone had ever known about the universe in the course of 3 weeks had changed.. And at the center of all these events in a town like any other a group of individuals are coming to terms with everything in their lives. In the course of one day. The following night at 3:05 am that same group of individuals would be thrust into a journey that would shape the universe.

We are new characters on regular earth when it gets attacked by the heartless the same way Destiny Islands gets attacked. Afterwards we meet up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and Jimmny Cricket.(Or however his name is spelled.) We meet up with Sora in the alley he meets Pluto. Riku is also a eligible character for claiming as he will come up at various points in the story. People can take these characters as they please. First come first serve. I will be playing the other characters.
As we play we will each delegate who will play each world’s characters. I will play the villains so don’t worry.

(The age doesn’t matter but I will be 14. Sora’s age in KH1)

Powers: (No elemental powers unless its like a black mage in which you have multiple. If you want to use a preset class type from final fantasy include a link in the description to a wiki or a typed description of the class. No keyblades. (yet))
Weapon: (Limit three. Unarmed counts as one.)
Ill post my character sheet later. Conflicts involing who plays what character are to be pm’d to me or resolved amongst yourselfs.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Remix

Postby Wolfsong » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:09 pm

So I can be a new character? This should be awesome! I'm in!

Name: Jessica Norman
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Backstory: Born in the poorer areas of Houston, Texas, she lost her parents at a young age. She lived hand-to-mouth for a long time, focused entirely on survival. Oftentimes she's self-centered, but occasionally a small, caring side is shown. She takes care of the local orphans also living in the downtown area, dodging the police and struggling to stay alive.
Powers: She has a strong affinity for animals, and can change into different sorts. However this power is somewhat unstable, and she has only minimal control over what she may change into. (will this work?)
Weapon: two throwing knives and a small pistol.
Look: Blue/black hair, bright blue eyes, wears black tee-shirt and jeans, with leather boots. She has a jet earring on her right ear, and a tear-shaped freckle mark under her right eye.

I hope this works.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Remix

Postby Troy » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:56 pm

Name: Aiden Emrick
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Ethnic: Carib and African Hybrid
Backstory: While living with his mother and father. Aiden would train with his father in hopes of being able to surpass him one day. Aiden's mother died giving birth to his sister Melanie Emrick (Five years ago). Aiden's mother used her last breath to ensure that Aiden would vow to protect her until the end of his days and surely he accepted. Fueled by his promise to his mother and love for his sister he train relentlessly with his father to become the strongest in his village. Which he became second only to his father, Abner Emrick.
Powers:Extremely strong for his age to point where he has god-like strength. He is extremly skilled at martial arts, a masterful swordsmen and novice marksman (He's still working on his aim give him time).
Weapon:Skilled Unarmed, Great sword and tofa nunchaku guns.
Look:Black hair, tanned skin, tall (around 6'1"), muscular. Black shined combat boots with red laces, black slacks tucked into boots, red tee shirt and a utility belt. Carries his great sword on his back and tofa guns on his right side.
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