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Thread Reader

Postby drill » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:32 pm

Hello CAA!

Because I was kind of bored between today and yesterday, I decided to code something that I call "Thread Reader." Not really sure if it would be useful to any of you, but I'm posting this just in case it is.

What does Thread Reader do?
- It saves a CAA thread to your computer which can be viewed even when offline
- It displays the CAA thread all on one page

Requirements for Thread Reader:
- Java 7

Instructions for Thread Reader:
- Download the .jar file here: ... Reader.jar
- Once done (it will take only a few seconds), move the .jar file to a fairly empty location (not required, but helpful)
- Now, double click the .jar file
- It will ask you for the number of pages the thread has, put in the number of pages your desired thread has
- Press Enter
- Now, go to the first page of the thread that you want on CAA, and copy the URL
- Then select "Thread Reader" and press "Control" and "v" at the same time (for those of you that don't know this pastes what is in your clipboard)
- Now press Enter
- Just wait for it to finish (there is a progress bar that tells you how far along it is)
- Once done, it will ask you what you want to name the file (note: just put something here, you can always rename it later)
- Once done, Press Enter
- The program will then close, but now you have your CAA thread in the same directory as the .jar file (note: the new file that you now see can be moved anywhere on your computer)
- Just double click your new file, and it will open up the thread that you wanted all on one page. (However, it does not have the CAA background though, it is just white)
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