Elevator Testimonies

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Elevator Testimonies

Postby Furen » Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:41 pm

So, my pastor has mentioned on a number of occasions having an "elevator testimony", which basically means a testimony that you could share with someone in a moment as quick as an elevator ride. So anyway, does anyone have one?

I haven't actually shared it yet, as I've really just bothered to think of it now, but here's kinda what I have at the moment.

My testimony which I wrote:"I grew up in a Christian home, so I was exposed to church all my life, and gave my life to Christ when I was really little, but really didn't know what that meant. I was able to answer any questions that was asked in Sunday school, because being in church, you hear the stories and have the answers they want, even if you don't know what they mean.

One day, I read a book, and liked the ideas in it, so I decided I'd actually for once listen to the pastor speak, and if he didn't mention stuff about Christians needing to be Good instead of Nice, then I didn't want to listen to him. Turns out, he actually mentioned it briefly in his sermon that day. I happened to try testing out his speaking again, and it turned out that he hit the point I asked God to have him say - if indeed my pastor was actually speaking God's word.

With new found assurance that my pastor must be in line with scripture, I decided to listen to his sermons, and have been growing in God's word ever since."

anyway, that's mine. It's not meant to be a catch all, it's supposed to kinda give a chance for people to ask questions and stuff.
So... What do ya think?

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