New Life Live! A Christian Show!

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New Life Live! A Christian Show!

Postby Cc4FuzzyHuggles » Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:50 am

I wanted to share this show with you guys, as I am really liking what I am learning from it.

Let me start by letting you guys know what New Life Live is though....
New Life Live, is a call-in Christian radio and TV program. They got my attention when I was listening to NRB network online. The show is not for the faint of heart though. Callers call in with questions about their life troubles hoping for answers or advise. The questions tend to be very deep, or more of, serious. But, it's because of their deep questions which makes this show so interesting to me. I find this show helps me with some spiritual growth, as the hosts do seek to help the callers with Christian guidance.
Of course, some of the tips are good, some tips are useless, while other tips I'm skeptical of. But I think that's normal and to be expected from any call-in Q. & A. show.

However, I must give WARNING. This show talks about mature content.

But, even with the content often being mature, I've enjoyed the show. And if anything, I am learning of some different life challenges with tips to consider, weather for me or to share with my friends.

Here are some examples of what they talk about on the show as some further "warning"....

New Life Live: December 19, 2012
Topics: Alcoholism, Forgiveness, Lying.

New Life Live: December 17, 2012
Topics: Grief, Trauma, Parenting, Hope.

New Life Live: December 14, 2012
Topics: Affairs, Forgiveness, Anger, Marriage, Alcoholics, Childhood Issues.

New Life Live: December 12, 2012
Topics: Dating, Emotional Abuse, Adult Children.

Now, for the links! So you can tune in if your interested like I am.
You can check out their broadcasts listed here :
You can Stream the shows here :
You can subscribe to their podcast here :

I personally got their podcast, but I still just enjoy the show when it comes on over at NRB network too.
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