TheRemnant: In The Beginning *ORIGINAL ANIME/MANGA*

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TheRemnant: In The Beginning *ORIGINAL ANIME/MANGA*

Postby TheRemnantJuice » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:36 pm

The main protagonist, 16 year old Shikauhno Lee makes a failed attempt at committing suicide. After recuperation she moves away from her foster family in Washington (you know, like the one in the U.S) to her birthplace Ryojima, Japan-the largest fictional Japanese city. As she adjusts to her renewed life in Ryojima she learns about mysterious disappearances and murders plaguing the city known as Black Onda. As she is out and about in the city she crosses paths with a man who was reported missing. Oddly enough he denies being the missing man and he pursues Shikauhno, attempting to rip her heart out....literally. Just in time, a mystifying handsome man rescues Shikauhno by killing her pursuer and leaves her with these enigmatic words, “Let the dead bury their own”.

Title: TheRemnant
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Action/adventure, fantasy, spiritual/Christian philosophy

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
(Ephesians 6:12) New International Version

The screen is black and a young girl speaks with fear and doubt in her voice, “When you cry for help, no one seems to notice. You hope they see your tear-stained face, you hope they see through your counterfeit smile, and you hope they find the scars, the fresh cuts and wounds on your mutilated wrists, but they don’t. They told me that God does; that God sees all of my sorrow and pain, so I turned to him.” Disgusted Scoff ”But then I realized that God...was a made up work of fiction; he was just as false as my plastic smile.”

The darkness fades away and opens up with a bathroom scene. The bathtub is filling up with steaming hot water.

There is a shiny, powder blue marble floor with a pool of fresh blood on it.

The camera slowly travels up to reveal a soft limp hand with blood trickling down it. The droplets fall into the pool of blood that has already formed. As the camera continues to climb up it reveals a petite wrist that is slashed vertically and horizontally. There are also faded scars below the fresh, major cut. A teenage girl holds a silver razor in her right hand; she drops the razor and it hits the floor dramatically in slow motion. She is slumped on the toilet seat lifelessly. A small cross necklace hangs from around her neck.

Blaring ambulance sirens fill the air. A red and white ambulance truck is parked in front of a two-story house. The house is painted off-white and has a porch. There is a dark brown welcome mat in front of the door; the mat reads, “May all who enter be blessed.”

Two white men wearing white uniforms work together as they push and pull a loaded gurney out of the front door of the house. Both of their faces are darkened and blurred out.

The girl on the gurney is Japanese. Her green eyes are halfway-open and dimmed; her long black hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she has long banes matted to her forehead by sweat and water. Her left wrist is wrapped in thick gauze, however, blood seeps through it.

Curious neighbors flood the area and surround the house, their faces are also darkened and hidden.

The Japanese girl closes her eyes all the way as the scene fades out.

(GENESIS 12:1)
→ “Now the LORD had said.... get thee out of thy country, and from thy
kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee.” ← KING JAMES VERSION

As the scene opens up music begins to softly play in the background.

An international airplane is landing on a runway.The plane lands as the ramp agents-wearing bright orange caution shirts-guide the plane with their marshalling wands. It comes to a full stop and a large group of diverse passengers exit the plane.

The camera shows a panoramic view of all of the passengers. Finally, the camera closes in on a specific teenage girl. She is wearing winter clothes: long red coat, brown boots, dark jeans, and a purple purse. Both of her wrists are covered with gray arm warmers. She is wearing a green backpack and is pulling along a dark green roller suitcase. In the clear identification pocket on the suit case her name is neatly written though it is slightly smudged: Lee, Shikauhno.
Shikauhno (Shih-kahn-oh) stands in the midst of the wind as the other passengers pass her by. She has long black hair with long banes-covering one eye-bright green eyes, and a solemn look on her face. The wind graciously blows and she blinks as she readjusts her hair with her right hand.

After a moment of taking her surroundings in, she finally walks on.

Shikauhno is walking through the inside of the airport. It is not crowded; civilians bustle to and fro in a hurry. She finds a small coffee shop in the airport and stands in line with only one person ahead of her. Shikauhno hands the cashier 500 Yen. Shikauhno’s arm warmer crawls up and reveals her bandages underneath. The cashier questioningly looks at her as she gives her a large steaming coffee cup.
Shikauhno lazily bows her head and hurriedly walks away.

The background music fades.

The sounds of distant trains fill the air. The wind blows littered candy wrappers and chaff along the ground.

SFX: Trains

Shikauhno glances at her train ticket; it reads “1:30 AM Tokyo to Ryojima (Rio-ji-muh).” She takes out her touch screen phone to view the time; it is 1:28 AM. Shikauhno curiously observes the people around her. There is a young couple with a child, a dirty bum, a guy with a mustache, a young American woman, a young man with a skateboard, and a blonde woman wearing shades.

The train approaches and the fellow people line up to get in. Shikauhno is third in line behind the American woman and the bum. The bum coughs without covering his mouth which triggers the American woman to turn around and give him a dirty look. “Jesus, will you cover your mouth?” She rolls her eyes and turns back around.

The young couple stand behind Shikauhno. Their toddler leans on Shikauhno's suitcase; she quietly glances at him as the innocent child smiles brightly. The mother of the child takes his hand. Shikauhno turns back around.

The train arrives and slowly comes to a complete stop and the passengers prepare to board it.

Shikauhno enters the train as she shows her ticket to the security man. He gives her a lazy nod and she finds a seat.

It is windy and dark; there is a full moon outside. A few street lamps illuminate the sidewalks.

The camera shows a view of a man’s feet running swiftly. He has on shiny, nice dress shoes and navy blue dress pants. He appears to be a wealthy businessman.

SFX: Footsteps pounding against the pavement

The same couple is putting their child to sleep; the man with facial hair is quietly talking on the phone, an adolescent boy is eating a candy bar, the American lady is dozing off, and the woman with blonde hair and shades walks down the aisle of the train; she is also holding a styrofoam cup in her hand. Her out of place appearance attracts Shikauhno’s attention.

Shikauhno observes the woman; she thinks to herself, ‘Shades, at night?' She scoffs, ‘Must be famous or something.’ Shikauhno rests her head on her hands and slowly shuts her eyes.

As she shuts her eyes she has a vision. She sees her own sliced wrist and blood everywhere.

She opens her eyes again and thinks, 'I can't get that out of my head.'

The camera shows the back of the middle-aged businessman. The back of his business suit is slashed. His white undershirt is seen through the tattered suit. His steps echo loudly against the concrete as he continuously runs.

He breathes heavily; as he turns the corner he drops the black briefcase in his hands. It thuds to the cold ground and opens. Papers fly from the case and freely dance in the air as if to mock him.

The train makes a sharp bump and Shikauhno abruptly awakens from her sleep. ‘I doubt I’ll get any sleep.’ She thinks to herself.

The businessman continues to run and his foot gets caught in an uneven crack embedded into the sidewalk. He stumbles and falls hard to the ground. His keys slide away from him and he struggles to reach for them.

Shikauhno looks down at her phone to see the time. It is 2:43 AM. She yawns.

The businessman quickly recovers with his keys now in his hand and regains his proper footing. He glances back, to his relief, no one is chasing behind him. He unlocks his car by the click of a button and suddenly to his horror, his pursuer jumps onto his car, crushing it. The car is completely destroyed.

SFX: Glass breaking

The businessman slowly backs away as he whimpers in pure terror. “What are you?”

Shikauhno completely falls asleep and her head drops in complete exhaustion.

The pursuer slowly turns around. The two are now facing one another. His pursuer stares him straight in the face and grins widely.

The pursuer resembles a man except for his inhumane eyes, teeth, and arms. His arms are abnormally long with claws instead of normal fingers and his teeth are jagged and appear to be customized for ripping flesh. His large eyes beam with wickedness and glow a dark red color.

The businessman stutters, “P-please, just tell me. Just tell me w-what you want from me.” He trembles and slowly backs away.

The pursuing “man” answers him with a wicked smile and cocks his head to the right. He jumps off of the car and lands on the ground, leaving a small indent in the concrete.

The cowering businessman continues, “I-I have money. Is that what you want?” He violently quivers as he reaches into his inner coat pocket and pulls out a leather wallet. He opens the wallet and offers the money inside of it. It is a bundle of cash totaling 7000 yen. The wind carries the cash away.
The pursuer smirks and steps closer to the fearful businessman. He utters a cry, “Oh God…please.”

At the mention of God the pursuer tilts its head to the left and grins widely, “God? GOD HAS FORSAKEN THIS PLACE!” Its voice sounds like a multitude of voices speaking in unison.

The camera shows blood splatter onto the ground and the businessman gives out a final cry.

Shikauhno abruptly awakens from sleep and quickly opens her eyes.

This introduces the opening credits of TheRemnant.

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Re: TheRemnant: In The Beginning *ORGINAL ANIME/MANGA*

Postby Wolfsong » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:12 am

Huh...well, I'm certainly interested to see where this goes.
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: TheRemnant: In The Beginning *ORGINAL ANIME/MANGA*

Postby TheRemnantJuice » Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:52 pm

Wolfsong wrote:Huh...well, I'm certainly interested to see where this goes.

If you truly are interested you can check the rest of this episode out on Deviantart or Wattpad.
And thanks a lot for reading! We REALLY appreciate it. :D
We're actually looking for a small team to work on this and be apart of TheRemnant with us.Let us know if you have any connections with anyone who might be interested in working with us! ... nning-cont ... -453760619

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