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Postby Wolfsong » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:25 pm

Hey guys, sorry its been so long. Some of you may not have heard, I have a job now, which makes getting on CAA a little more difficult than it used to be. However, I still have weekends, so if you're hoping for an update to these things, that's the time to do it.

"Wow. That's quite a story," AM said.
We were all still in the quarry, though no one was trapped, thank goodness. Kris had made a fire, and we had filled in Am and Eagle on our story. They seemed interested and definitely sympathetic.
"This Jaden sounds like areal pain in the neck," Eagle remarked.
"He is," we all said in unison.
"So what are your plans now?" AM asked, poking at the fire.
"Meet up with Claec and Panda. They're probably already at the rendezvous point by now," Odd grumbled. Kris sighed, looking equally glum.
I didn't feel much better. We'd wasted a whole day in the quarry. The Alliance was in shambles. We were all in great danger. We were all in desperate need of help. And how, I wondered, were our friends doing? Chances were they'd reached the rendezvous point, but what if...
Suddenly, to the west, the sky lit up with great explosions, colors and lights. A display like fireworks turned night to day. We stared at them, then at each other. "Any ideas?" I asked.
"Claec?" Odd suggested. Kris and I glanced at each other and nodded.
"Its Claec."

We ran through the forest in full battle regalia, or something. Kris was charged and ready to go, Odd had changed to Dox, and I was in wolf form. AM and Eagle had decided to tag along, and so we had an albino moose and a golden eagle flying alongside us. It occurred to me, as we rushed along, that we were beginning to resemble a menagerie. Well, once we regrouped with Claec and Panda, we certainly would.
The lights still flashed overhead, the wild colors recoloring the wqhole region. AM looked a bright green now, and Eagle was a kinda muddy brown. Dox and Kris were a mixing orange and purple. I didn't want to know what I looked like now.
"Say, Eagle, isn't this near that old castle?" AM suddenly asked.
"What castle?" Dox asked.
"There's been a castle in this region for quite a while now. There's a princess ruling there, and a nice lady she is too."
"Huh. Go figure."
"There's the wall!" Kris said.
"Where?" Dox asked, just in time to face-plant on it.
Or what was left of it.
This wall had born the brunt of explosives, and was a sorry ghost of its former glory. We all stared, then stepped around it.
But there was no one here.
My head whirled from the multiple scents around me. Yes, Claec and Panda had been here, but so had the Soldiers and....Jaden? A couple other scents as well, though ones unfamiliar to me. Plenty of fumes and gunpowder lingered and it was a wonder I wasn't sneezing.
"Seems we're too late," Kris said softly.
"No...their scent trails away," I said slowly, trying to focus on them. "They fled...east. The fire smell is strong right here, along with them and Jaden." The scent was relatively recent too...had they set the fireworks off in Jaden's face? Now there was an entertaining thought. "I think they may be safe. The Soldiers' scent doesn't follow them....no, its more recent. If they followed, it wasn't immediately."
"Shall we follow?" AM asked. "I'm really curious to meet these people of yours."
I nodded slowly. "Fine by me, if everyone else doesn't mind?" Kris and Dox shook their heads. I nodded again. "Then follow me." The scent was growing fainter with time, but it was still there. I could follow them using it. I rushed after the scent, trailed by my friends.

What will they find? Are Claec and Panda alright? What happened at Zelda's Castle? Has Jaden's face been blown off by fireworks? Find out in the upcoming chapter!
Coming soon...
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:06 pm

We lost the trail at a river.
I searched up and down, and could not find any trace. So they had traveled the river, and if they had left it, it was much further down. The Soldiers' scent vanished with them. I wasn't sure what to make of that, Were they safe, or...
"What now?" Dox asked, kicking at the dirt and sending clumps into the river. "There is no sign of them, and nothing to follow..."
"Eagle," I said. "Fly downstream, see if you can spot anything. I'll scout around upstream and see what I can find." and I shot off.
I ran for some time, keeping my nose to the ground. I told myself I wold not stop until I found some sign of them, but I was losing hope.
I searched for I don't know how long, but found nothing. Frustrated, I threw back my head and howled long and loud. Shaking my head, forlorn, I turned to go.
A whiff of something was suddenly there. I quickly studied it, weighing the various smells. Yes, they were wet and watered down, but it was theirs. I'd found them! Alive!
Dox, AM and Kris suddenly ran up. "Are you alright?" Kris asked.
I realized that howl must have worried them. "I'm fine. I found the scent!"
Eagle suddenly dropped down,. coming to rest on AM's antler. "There's a town further up, I saw the lights," he told us.
I nodded. "That;'s probably where they went."
"Then what are we waiting for?" Dox asked. "Lets go!"

The city was an affair of sounds and lights and people. It was quite busy, and for a moment we all were overwhelmed. I was grateful we'd had the sense to return to human form. This was a place full of normal people, and we'd have been as obvious as a neon pink sign in the woods. I wished the scent didn't lead here, but...we'd figure this out.
"Dox, Am, you two go search the east side. Kris and Eagle, you two search the west side," I told them, taking the lead. "I'll check up the middle. We'll meet in a couple hours." Moments later, I was alone, surrounded by a strange new world. Taking a deep breath, I plunged in headlong.
It occurred to me, as I pushed my way through, that I didn't really want to be alone. I hadn't cared at first, but now that I was really here, I was actually quite nervous now. I'd never been surrounded by so many people, strangers who were potentially dangerous to myself and my friends. I hoped I could find Claec and Panda, if they were still here.
After a couple more blocks, I realized I was being followed. Pretending to glance at a nearby stall, I made out the person following me. It was a kid, just a little smaller than me, with black hair tied in a bun and wearing a robe that was half black and half white. Our eyes suddenly met, and she smiled. Freaked out, I whirled around and started hurrying away. Who on earth was that? I found myself running, wondering if this was what it was like in every normal town.
When I glanced back, I'd lost her. Sighing in relief, I broke from the crowd and ducked into an alley, catching my breath. I was suddenly jerked further in, nearly hitting my head on the concrete.
"Wolf its so good to see you be really really quiet we only just evaded Jaden I'm so happy to see you again!" Claec said in a single breath as she hugged me. Panda smiled at me from overhead, along with another girl in an alchemist suit who I didn't know.
"Its nice to see you too," I said gratefully. "What happened to you guys?"
"We ran into an old friend." Claec leaned out the alley, glancing left and right, then motioned to us and we hurried into the crowded street.
"Yes, and Claec did some nasty things." The alchemist glared at Claec, who shrugged as she kept running.
"What? It worked."
"We were all in the castle getting sieged," Panda softly explained to me. "We also had Princess Zelda, but she's not with us now. Anyway, so we were all preparing ourselves for a siege..."
"And Claec goes and opens the gate!" The alchemist said, now in wry exasperation.
I glanced at Claec, who grinned back, and shook my head in amazement. "So what did you do?"
"Retreated into the keep where Claec had stored a bunch of fireworks previously, and set them off just as Jaden and co. entered the room. Of course, that wasn't the highlight of the night..." Panda looked a little amused, a little puzzled, and a bit amazed. I studied her face, then glanced at the others questioningly. Claec glanced at the alchemist.
"Which was first Fu? The fireworks or the proposal?"
The what? I stared at them. Fu grinned.
"The proposal. Remember we lost her after you let them in? You and I went searching for her..." She turned back to me. "We found Zelda and Jaden in the tower room, and i have no clue what transpired there, bu he was threatening to marry her, talking about the honeymoon and everything while she protested, totally writing her off. It was weird."
"Then, next thing we knew, this red-head Zelda called Yuki-anne dropped in and did a take-down on Jaden. We grabbed them both and ran, though we separated at the river."
I could not believe my ears. "Jaden...did what?"
Claec grinned at Fu. "Told you. 'Course, I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it." Shrugging, she added, "Was quite touching, actually, who'd have thought such a nut could be such a romantic?"
"You've a funny idea about romance," Panda muttered.
I followed in stunned silence, unable to believe what I'd just heard. Jaden...proposed? Or sort-of did. I could not see that. No way. No how. There had to be a mistake.
I felt something, suddenly, an instinctive urge to turn. Slowly, I looked back, and found myself meeting the eyes of that girl in the black and white robe. She smiled when she knew I'd seen her, and raised her hand to wave.I stopped dead, staring. She walked toward me, and I waited, held by some strange force. I was aware of Claec and the others beside me, but my focus was on the girl. She stopped before me, smiling brightly. "Hello!" she said. "Its nice to finally meet you guys. Though some are missing," she added, sounding unhappy.
"Who are you?" I asked. She shook her head, a finger on her lips.
"Not here- you need to run now. You're about to be in trouble. Hurry." She turned and disappeared into the crowd.
I stared uncomprehendingly. "Who was that?" I heard Claec ask. "She was odd."
"Still, she's right, we do need to keep moving." Fu grabbed me by the collar and dragged me along behind her. My mind was full of questions, none of which were connecting into answers. What was going on?"
Gunshots suddenly filled the air around us, causing panic and chaos. I glanced through the diminishing crowd and saw Jaden, as well as the Soldiers coming in to surround us. Snarling, I transformed instantly, shaking myself off before preparing myself. Panda pulled out her bamboo spear. Claec pulled up a deck of cards (what?) while Fu held up a couple bottles with something inside.
Kris suddenly landed in their midst, dropped by Eagle. "Runs guys!" she shouted, just before exploding, topping off the chaos in her own special way.
I leaned over, grabbed Claec while Fu and Panda grabbed each other, and bolted. We pushed past a couple of disoriented and clueless soldiers and made for the alleys. "Where are we going?" I asked, releasing Claec, who regarded her torn sleeve ruefully.
"Out, I guess. We're stuck here. Our best bet is in the woods," AM said, appearing running beside us. Dox kept pace with him, swords at his sides. He seemed to be enjoying himself, much to my disgust.
Everyone agreed, and we stared for the edge of town. Kris and Eagle joined us, with the Soldiers following close behind.
Then, at an intersection, we stopped cold upon the realization that there were massive tanks and Soliders surrounding us. Claec looked around curiously, then suddenly laughed.
"H-sama! I thought you were never showing up! What kept you?"
A giant mech appeared on the rooftops overhead, casting its terrifying shadow over us. Slowly, the head folded back, revealing a man. He looked like any young adult, to my amazement, yet he had a presence that was awe-inspiring, one that could not be ignored or dismissed. Simply put, he was trouble,and he was in our path.
Not a good combo.
Jaden came up behind us, glancing at Crossfire. "How'd it go?" he asked.
Cross shrugged. "Same as ever. I had to rewrite a few things to get here on time, but it worked out."
Rewrite? Jaden had an odd smile on his face. "I take it the procedure was a success then?"
Cross just nodded.
"What are you talking about?" I demanded. "What do you mean, rewrite? And what procedure?"
Cross glanced at me like I was a bug that happened to trail in the way of his boot. I was almost instantly cowed. Claec, on the other hand, piped up like this was regular. "C'mon Cross, answer the question. I'm curious too."
Cross stared at us, then shrugged. "You do it Jaden," he said, sounding bored with the whole procedure. He motioned to the Soldiers below, who started toward us.
"Surely you know of the great Writer, the person who plans our steps and controls our fates?" Jaden said, as we started fighting for our lives. "Well, the Writer has been writing things so that, despite the overwhelming odds, you children have been successfully evading us, and managing to "come out on top". So...we took steps."
I glanced around after biting some guy. Kris and Eagle were down, Dox was on his way, AM was trying to reach the edge of the crowd, and Claec and Panda had each other's backs. Fu was not in sight anymore. We were...losing.
"We are now outside the story," Crossfire suddenly said. "The Writer no longer controls us. The future belongs to us."
The world suddenly went dark. I took a deep breath, trying to shout, then succumbed to the blackness.
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby ClaecElric4God » Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:07 pm

....It never ceases to amaze me how spot-on your characters are, Wolf.
Also, this is scary now...
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:47 pm

thanks, though they only are because you nutcases have left strong impressions on me XD
Literally....I'll never get rid of the scars...

When I woke again, it was in a cell. I was alone, surrounded by rock. There wasn't even a window, nor a mouse hole to be found.
I sat up slowly, staring about myself. Of course, I couldn't see anything really. Even my wolf eyes, without a hint of light, could see nothing. I stumbled to my feet, shuffling till I stumbled into a wall. I followed its base, hoping to find even the edge of a doorway. But there was none, it was solid all the way around. It was getting cold too, I realized. Shivering, I kept wolf-form and huddled in the corner, trying to hold onto what little warmth I had.
So this was where it ended. Not fighting like a warrior, but down like a dog. That, that;'s what hurt the most. I couldn't even protect the others.
I sank into the deepest misery I'd ever known.

I don't know how long I was there. Days, weeks, they all kinda blended together in the darkness. It could have merely been hours, really. I stood slowly, shaking myself out. I couldn't help but feel a little disgusted with myself now for giving up so easily. There had to be a way, they'd put me in here somehow, right? Even if they were 'outside the story' or whatever, there was always a way.
I was trying to figure out where the ceiling was when the ground started shaking. I couldn't pinpoint its exact location, but in a moment that didn't matter. The floor fell apart beneath me and I found myself sliding down even deeper into the earth. I scrambled for purchase, but found none, till I was unceremoniously dumped onto solid floor.
"Sorry, I wasn't entirely sure where you were. But you're here now," that girl from before stood there, smiling. I managed to reach my feet.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Black and White angel. I am outside the story too."
"What does that mean?"
"We are outside the preordained history. In that fate, you guys managed to rally and stop the great Dictator. However, when Jaden and Crossfire moved outside the story, they attempted to change that fate. Now, I and a set group are trying to fix it before the Writer terminates us as hopeless." She glanced around, fear in her eyes. "Hurry, we need to rejoin the others before Cross and Jaden notice the storyline's changed again." She turned and hurried down the passage.
At a loss for anything else to do, I followed.
Down the tunnel, Claec, Odd and Panda were waiting. Standing with them were four other people, including...
"Mullet!" I gasped. He glanced at me.
"Oh, Wolf. Good to see you."
"What are you, a triple agent?" I demanded, exasperated. He abruptly grinned, taking me aback. He started gesturing to people, the ones I didn't know.
"That's MomentofInertia, that one's Koneko-chan, and that's Cheetah-"
"You mean Shorty!" Claec piped up with a huge smile. Eveyone turned slowly to look at her, and she smiled quite unapologetic. Cheetah sighed, shaking her head.
"GOod to see you too, Claec."
"Hey, you disappeared for years. You're paying Big time!"
"Where's Fu, AM and Eagle?" I asked.
"BananaLobster went to get them. No worries, everyone's uninjured."
"Yeah, speaking of, why are we still alive?" Dox had returned, and he seemed his cheery self. "By all rights we should be dead."
"You would have been too, but the Dictator said to keep you alive." Cheetah seemed uncertain.
"Who is the Dictator?" Panda asked.
One by one, they shook their heads. "No one knows. Only the Dictator and the Writer know," MOI told us.
"The order came by written transmission," Koneko added. "Not even we know, and we're outside the story."
I took a step forward and almost tripped over Ringo, the giant mullet who was Mullet's pet. I glanced at it nervously. "Well, what do we do from here? How can we make things right?"
"Not like we understand exactly, but we're willing to try and fix things," Claec chimed in.
A new girl ran down the tunnels. "All's set!" she told Mullet.
"Awesome BL." A large gun appeared in his hand. He hefted it, a dark gleam in his eyes.
"Come friends, lets go overthrow a government."
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:36 pm

I watched as Ringo swallowed another Soldier, pitying the poor chap. Oh well, there were worse spots than the 80's, though for the life of me I couldn't think of many. Mullet glanced around, then pointed down a hallway and rushed it. With a loud battlecry we followed him, surprising a couple Soldiers.
"The difficulty, " Mullet said, glancing around as the next two were disposed of. "Will be escaping without drawing the notice of Cross or Jaden."
"How much luck do you suppose the others will have?" I asked, pushing my Soldier back.
He shrugged. "We'll find out, won't we?"
We'd split into two groups due to the massive size of our group. The "trouble trio", Koneko, Kris and Panda had taken one road, their mission was to infiltrate and take over the fortress itself, while ours was to escapw with our skins intact, and maybe sow some confusion and destroy the outer walls while we were at it.
I personally was having fun.
Having defenestrated another guard, I glanced back at the others, counting heads. According to Mullet, we quite close to the last door. Knowing our luck, that meant Jaden or Cross or both would be waiting for us at the gate. And we were quite close now...
"Incoming!" Claec shouted suddenly, leapfrogging Cheetah. "Outta ma way, Shorty!"
"ClaecElric4God!" Cheetah followed after, suddenly transforming into her namesake. Shrieking, she chased after Claec, managing not only to startle the guards at the next gate, but stun them into silence. Claec whirled around, suddenly throwing a handful of doritos like ninja stars at Cheetah, and the battle was on.
The Soldiers turned slowly to look at each other. "Do you...have any clue what's going on here?" he asked.
"N-no. Do me a favor, go sound th alarm and I'll hold them here...Ahh!"
Ringo had that one by the leg, and Mullet knocked the other out cold. The one with his foot in Ringo's mouth started whimpering, trykng to pull free. "P-p-please, tell him to let go!" he begged. "I don't want to die!"
"Sorry mate," Mullet said, shrugging. "Once he grab hold, he Don't let go."
"No," he cried, just before vanishing. Inside, I pitied him, but I had to focus.
Claec and Cheetah's brawl moved down the hall and out the door, traveling further and further. In fact, it went all the way to the fianl door. Mullet finally grabbed Cheetah, and it took both Dox and I to pull Claec down.
"Well, we're here," Mullet said. We all turned slowly to stare. One by one, we swallowed heavily. Here it was. Mullet reached up, placing his hand against the hard wood.
The door suddenly flew open, knocking him off-balance.
"Hey guys, hope we're not too late?"
"Goldy!" Claec shrieked, ealping up and down in glee.
Goldy, and the rest od the Alliance, came in to secure the fortress. Goldy came over to ua, smiling. "Its good to see you all alright. I was worried after the fire...but we're all safe now."
Claec suddenly started giggling. "So much for the final boss." And we all started laughing.
I felt good. Things were finally looking up again.
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:53 pm

Turned out, while we were running around being stupid, the Alliance had been winning territory. After a moment's chance for that to sink in, we were all stunned. What that meant was all the territory behind us was ours, and we were almost at the capital!
We were winning. We were winning!
It felt so awesome.
Most of the 'outside the story' nuts left shortly after, saying something about "fixing things elsewhere". The ones who stayed were Mullet and Cheetah, "to keep an eye on things" they said. Can't say I minded, its nice having all my friends, old and new together.
Still, the looming threats of Jaden and Crossfire haunted us. Who knew what dastardly scheme they were plotting for us between here and the capital?
Despite the dangers, I was hyped. Things were going so well. I knew i could take whatever madness was throw at me.
Turns out I was dead wrong.

"So...we're nearing the end. Its almost over."
We sat quietly in one of the spare rooms of a fort. We had just left a meeting, where Mechana had laid out our plan of attack, and were thinking things over. Finally, the war was almost over. We had reached the final hurdle. It seemed so strange, that we would finally have peace for ourselves, would not be sent to prisons to die. It seemed...wondrous.
"What's the first thing you're going to do, once this is over?" I asked.
Claec answered promptly. "Take my Doritos and Skittles and raid Sour Cream factories the world over, leaving a mass trail of destruction behind me."
I stared at her, then started laughing. It sounded like the sort of thing she'd do. "I'll help you," I told her.
"I don't know," Odd said, thinking. "Never really thought about after, you know?" Kris nodded in agreement. Mullet shrugged.
"Guess I just keep doing what I've been doing. Though I dunno, I've been getting bored with it recently."
"I think I'll try and teach my little sister manners," Cheetah said, glaring pointedly at Claec. Claec smirked at her.
"Just try it Shortly. Just you try it."
She blinked, as if remembering something, and sat bolt upright. "Holy Dorito, I forgot! Goldy asked me to pick up some supplies she ordered from the shop!" She leapt up. I stood as well.
"I'll help," I offered, and followed her from the room.
The fortress was large, and we got turned around so many times we eventually just climbed out a window to save ourselves. The shop was a few blocks down, which were quite empty. "So what exactly did Goldy order?' I asked.
"Oh, basic supplies, med kits, food stuffs, sorts like that. She's pretty smart, planning like that." Claec opened the door, motioning to me. "Ladies first?"
"Age before beauty," I retorted, taking the door. Claec raised an eyebrow.
"When did you ever think you were pretty?" Claec grabbed my arm and somehow managed to jerk me trough the door with her. We laughed, giggling like a pair of idiots, then stopped cold. Someone else was in the room with us.
"Jaden!" I gasped.

Indeed, it was him. He was leaning against the counter and seemed to be thinking. Claec reacted instantly,w hipping out a few Doritos with one hand and a handful of Skittles with the other. "Freeze maggot!" she declared.
Jaden glanced over, eyeing us like he didn't know us for a moment then. "Oh, its you." and he looked away, resuming ignoring us.
We glanced at each other, then I tried a different tactic. "Um, what are you doing here?"
"What does one do at a store?"
"Hold it up?" Claec suggested, and I whacked her upside the head. Jaden continued to ignore us. Increasingly puzzled, I was about to try again when another man, this one unfamiliar to me, entered. Slapping his glove together in an effort to clean them of what looked like sand, he walked towards Jaden.
"Sorry Jaden, but your princess is in another castle. However, there's a place out in the desert that looks promising. Peanut's made what purchases we may need, and we're ready to go."
Brief nod, and Jaden straightened. I asked, as he started for the door, "Just...what are you doing?"
"Going to find my princess."
Claec suddenly guffawed. "Dude, are you an idiot? She's not gonna marry you! Didn't you hear what she said when you told her your intentions?"
"She's just playing hard to get, testing the true depths of my love for her. What woman wouldn't want me? Come Xeno, let us go." and he disappeared out the door.
Claec and I stared at each other, then glanced out the door in time to see mounted camels running past, Jaden, Xeno, and presumably Peanut mounted on them. We watched as they vanished into the distance, then turned to stare at each other again. "But, what about the war?" I asked finally.
"Oh, I imagine he'll conquer us in his spare time. I wouldn't worry."
"The others are never gonna believe this."
"I wouldn't if I hadn't just seen it, and even now, I think I must have been hallucinating."
"Should we tell them?"
"Why? Like you said, they'll never believe us anyway. Besides, funner this way, to see them all tense and worried until the last minute."
I nodded slowly and, finally, couldn't hold it in anymore. I collapsed, laughing hysterically. Claec eyed me, shaking her head sadly.
"Poor child, the strain was too much."
"Did you hear what he said?" I gasped. "Did you hear what he said?!"
"Course I heard. Why, are you feeling any particular urgings in that direction?"
"Oh sure, after all-" I deepened my voice in mocking mimicry. "-What woman wouldn't want him?" and broke into helpless laughter again.
Claec shook her head sadly and glanced at the counter. "Hoi, anyone manning this shop? I need a couple tranquilizers, that nasty old Jaden finally snapped my poor little Wolfy's fragile brain."
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:15 pm

"Have they signaled yet?" Goldy asked.
Odd checked, then ducked back down. "Not yet."
I shivered as a cold wind suddenly chilled us. Pulling my cloak tighter around me, I muttered, "Who's bright idea was it to build this place in the mountains?" I shook my head, smiling faintly.
Ours was a small group. Goldy was our leader, and Claec, Odd, Mullet, Panda and myself made the group. We had entered the capital city secretly. Mechana, Mr. Hat'nClogs and ROcklobster were going to attack the city at three different points. Our group's job was to infiltrate the fortress and capture it while they kept them distracted. We would capture the Dictator, and the victory would be ours.
"Look, there!" Claec pointed, but there was no need. The main gate exploded, signaling the beginning of the attack.
The final battle had begun.
Goldy stood quickly, taking up her crowbar and pack. "Lets get moving then." Motioning for us, we all hurried down the street. It was difficult, full of panicking people, and we were nearly crushed on more than one occasion. Still, despite the odds, we reached the castle gate.
A giant mech waited for us.
Crossfire sat in the cockpit, somehow managing to look incredibly bored despite the explosions around him. That guy was scary. Jaden suddenly came to mind, and I thanked Zelda quietly in my mind. I doubt she enjoyed what was going on, but I didn't want to face the two of them together at once.
I almost transformed when Claec said, "Let me handle this." Cracking her knuckles, she stepped forward. "Hey H-sama, how're ya doing?" she said. He shrugged, not answering. She grinned. "Same old H-sama, too good to speak to us low-lifes, even ones he had so much fun with back in the day. Oh well, I suppose that's your right. Don't talk." Her Doritos bag appeared in her hand. "Lets fight," she said with an evil grin.
Without warning, two explosions struck the giant mech, though they didn't even budge it. Two people appeared from the smoke, a girl munching on toast and a guy holding what looked like a DS.
Claec gave them a thumbs-up. "Nice work IStoleYourToast - Hey, wasn't that my bread? Sweet moves Masaru." She turned back to the rest of us. "Soon as we make an opening, rush through. I'll rejoin you later." and she rushed in.
Munching happily, Toast began hurling explosive bread crumbs. Cross closed the hatch, and they exploded harmlessly. Ignoring her attempts, he raised the mech's arm, and a large cannon appeared from under a panel. Several missiles were launched, homing in on Toast and forcing her to go to the defensive. She nimbly avoided them, and most exploded against each other.
"Play something Masa, and I'll go for his head," Claec shouted. Pulling out a handful of Doritos, she leapt up, ducking and weaving through Crossfire's shots ninja-style.
Masaru sorted through a small case, then pulled out a cartridge and inserted it into the DS. A light emitted from the DS, and then a life-size pixalated Samus appeared. Masa, grinning, started punching buttons, and the Samus came to life. With super-jump, Samus landed on the mech's shoulder, shooting plasma bolts.
Their attacks were relentless, never giving him a chance. For a moment, they appeared to be winning.
Crossfire pulled out a new gun, and this one shot a strange white substance. Claec stopped cold, staring with dread as a glop landed near her. "S-s-s-s-sour cream," she gasped. "No...you...you didn't!"
The next batch hit her square on, and Claec vanished under. I watched, but she didn't reappear.
"What happened?" I asked Goldy, not only worried but struggling to keep up with the unusual carnage.
"Sour cream is Claec's one weakness," Goldy explained.
Before I could move, Odd suddenly rushed forward. "Onee-chan!" he shouted, taking out his swords.
"Odd don't!" I shouted, now afraid for them both. Cross aimed at him now, and fired. Odd's eyes narrowed and he kept running, raising his swords.
I will never forget the sight.
Wielding his dual swords with a master's ease, the vile stuff was deflected and sent flying into the air. Not a drop touched Odd. Jerking Claec from the sour cream pool, he kept one sword spinning overhead while the other fumbled in her pockets. "Here, Onee-chan," he said, pushing something into her mouth. "Chew on this."
Nothing seemed to be happening at first, then Claec was suddenly filled with a rainbow glow. She leapt up, her plucky self once again. "Odd, you're wonderful!" Claec said, whacking him upside the head. "Now go help Wolf. She needs to close her mouth before she swallows something. Here-" she pushed something into his hand, and rejoined the fight.
"What...was that?" I asked, stunned, as Odd came back. He didn't reply, looking his awkward self again, and pressed something into my hand. I stared. "Skittles?"
"Yep." He grinned nervously. I smiled back.
"That's our Claec," we both said.
With the Skittles keeping Sour Cream at bay, nothing could stop her. She resumed her attack with increased vigor, and the most amazing thing happened.
Crossfire was knocked off-balance. The smallest of openings appeared, and we could see the gate.
"Run!" Goldy cried, and we rushed forward, just making it past the mech and to the gate. Cross tried to shoot at us, and Goldy slammed the gate closed just in time.
After checking to make sure everyone was all there, excepting Claec of course, we proceeded through the castle halls. There were very few obstacles along the way as well, being cause for worry in themselves.
"Its too easy," panda said, munching absently on the end of her bamboo spear.
"What waits for us at the end?" Mullet wondered. Goldy remained silent and kept going. WHen we reached the great doors, no one wanted to open them. Goldy, wonderful Goldy always doing what needed to be done, opened them herself.
We were faced with an empty room.
Dull drapes hung between pillars, and a once regal rug led from door to the intricate throne in the back. But the room was devoid on any lief. We entered slowly, looking around but finding nothing. I stood in the back, trying to use my senses to guide me.
"Well, what do you know," Odd said, shrugging. "The scary Dictator turned out to be a coward. He fled."
"No," I whispered, eyes focusing on the throne. What was...I feeling? "The Dictator...is here." I started forward, towards the throne. The others watched as I quickly marched towards the throne, not saying a word, waiting. I stopped before it, staring down at the seat. For a moment, all was silent. Then I turned, sat, and smiled at my friends. "Welcome," I said, lazily waving a hand. "Its good to finally have you all here. Sorry I couldn't prepare better, I was a little busy." I giggled at that.
"Wolf?" Odd stepped forward, staring. "What are you...what are you doing?"
"Why, its quite simple, Odd." I smiled at him. "I am the Dictator."
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:17 pm

I'm going to switch to third person, because this chapter would be extremely confusing otherwise :(
Sorry it took so long to put this out, Nano and Life :o were kinda pulling at me XD but I'm back! With a full chapter of fun for you.

"How is that possible, Wolf, you've been with us this whole time!" Odd protested.
Wolf smirked at us from her seat. "You guys are so blind. It was so easy to do things behind your back. No problimo."
"But why?" Mullet demanded. "If you really are the Dictatoe, then why did you help us, the Alliance, defeat you?"
"I was bored," she drawled. "It was fun in the beginning, being the Master pulling the strings behind the scene. But it gets pretty dull after a while. I mean, ruling uncontested is dull as heck. So I set things up to run, and entered a Prison Camp. Things fell into place from there, and bingo! I wasn't bored anymore! Oh, and you didn't 'defeat' me, you don't honestly think I'd allow that?I was bored, but not that bored. I ddon't feel like rebuilding from scratch, did that already. And now, its time todie."
"No way!" Mullet rushed forward. Wolf snapped her fingers, and the floor as charged with electrical energy, flooring them all. Wolf smirked.
See? You can't do anything, just the flies in my web. There's nothing you can do."
"R-Ringo!" Mullet gasped, and the giant mullet rushed forward. Wolf pulled something out of a secret compartment in the throne and pointed it at the charging mullet. A small electric shock leapt from the stick's end and zapped the mullet. It looked really strange a moment, then he disappeared. Mullet cried out in alarm. "What did you do?"
"Turned him inside-out, so he ate himself." She smiled indulgently. "Don't worry, clams are long-lived. I'm sure you'll find him again - if you live." Putting the stick away, she now pulled out a very real gun. "Which is very debatable, as I really have no further need of you. So....unless you give me a really good reason to let you live, its game-over."
"You can't kill us!" Dox declared. "Because...um....because...."
"Because you'd be bored silly without us!"
Everyone glanced back to see Claec standing in thd open doorway, a wake of destruction behind her. Wold snarled, looking decidedly unhappy. Claec smirked. "You didn't seriously think posting H-sama by the door would stop me from taking part in the party now, did you? You're dumber than I thought. Now!" She raised her Dorito-Bag-Carrying hand, smiling evilly. "So are you gonna gimme my Wolfy back?"
"I am Wolf, you dimwit," the aforementioned snapped. Claec shook her head, wagging a finger with a naughty grin.
"You think I don't know a virus when I see one? And unless I'm very much mistaken, you're a Devistatingly Evil Maliciously Obmoxious Nutjob, a D.E.M.O.N., if you prefer. Either way, you're trouble, and will leave my Wolfy alone unless you wanna deal with this!" She held up the bag.
Wolf grinned. "Just try it."
Claec instantly started marching toward her. Wolf snapped her fingers and the floor lit up with its electrical current. Claec was curiously uneffected; upon closer inspection, everyone realized she was walking along a small bride of doritos, forming a safe path under her feet. Raiaing the gun, Wolf fired all six rounds as fast as she could. Doritos lept up like shields, keeping Claec completely safe. Now towering over the cowering Dictator, Claec held up the bag. "Any last words?"
Wolf opened her mouth to say something nasty, then paused and studied the bag Claec held. "Hey...its empty."
Claec glanced at it, as if surprised. "Huh. So it is."
Regaining her confidence, Wolf smirked. "Now what'll ya do?"
Claec pulled out a pair of scissors and cut a hole in the bottom. Giving Wolf a saucy little smile, she blew into the bag, blowing out all the fine powder and into Wolf's face.
Screaming, she clawed at her face, trying to scrape it all off. None of it clung, much, and she was soon freed. Panting, recovering from her panic attack, she glared hatefully at Claec. "You...hah....as so dead...ah...?" She suddenly started sneezing. Grinning, Claec sat back and watched.
"Claec, what are you doing?" Dox demanded.
"Just watch," Claec said, smiling.
Wolf just kept on sneezing, each growing increasingly agitated and painful, till finally she released a sneeze so violent
She split in two.
The two Wolfs stared at each other for a minute, thne lunged for each other's throats.
Dox scrambled to his feet, the stun effect worn off, and rushed over at once to stand beside Claec, Mullet a step behind. Goldy brushed herself off, then reached into her bag and pulled out a cellphone. Dialing a number, she waited.
"So," Dox said, watching the swirling ball of fur and fang. "Which one's our Wolf and which one's the other Wolf?"
"I'll be honest, I wasn't thinking this far," Claec admitted, staring. "I hope someone knows how to deal with this situation, or we're in trouble."
"I called just the person," Goldy said, coming over. "He handles things like viruses, and he communicates with the Writer. He'll help us."
OneWolf was throttling the Second Wolf, while the second Wolf was sinking her teeth in the First Wolf's shoulder. Both were rather messed up, but the second appeared the weakeat. She was clearly losing. Dox and Claec looked at each other. "We better figure out who's who," Dox said slowly.
"...before they kill eaxh other," Claec agreed.
"Or that one kills that one..."
"Which is currently the most likely..."
"Should we really..."
"Yes lets."
Nodding at each other, they walked over to the fighters and forcibly seperated them. Dox held the collapsed, unconscious one, while Claec struggled with the wild, awake one. "So who's who?" she asked. Dox shrugged.
"I have an idea." He looked at the awake one, diecting to it a question. "Do you like being evil?"
She glared at him scathingly. "Of course not! And I'm not evil! Don't be like that."
Dox nodded slowly, then glanced at Claec. "Well?"
"Uh huh?"
"Uh huh."
"All good."
"Get it?"
"Got it."
"Guys?" Wolf lookeda little worried. "C'mon, stop fooling around. Lets take care of the virus and get out of here."
"Sure thing." Claec slammed the Dorito bag over Wolf's head and lept away as Wolf/Virus really started screaming.
And changing.
A great demonic wolf now towered over them, and it was clearly very, very angry. Gulping, Claec backed away.
"I may have made a slight tactical error," she said slowly.
"I'll say," Dox muttered.
The building was beginning to collapse. Mullet grabbed Goldy and fled back. Dox and Claec waited, the unconscious Wolf between them. Claec glanced at Dox. "Could you switch, please? I need to talkto Odd."
He stared a moment, then shifted. Odd stood there now. "Onee-chan?"
"I need help, Odd. I'm totally out of ideas."
He thought amoment, then whispered something to her. Her face lit up. "That sounds awesome! One problem though, our wingman is out." They stared down at Wolf.
The Virus wolf anarled, and started toward them.
A bright light suddenly filled the darkened sky. A man in gray robes and a wizard's hat was suddenly facing the Virus. "You shall not pass!"
"Mithrander!" they heard Goldy cry. The virus roared at him, swiping at him with a huge claw. It bounced back however, off the shield of light surrounding him. It snarled angrily, furious at this new distraction. Mith turned quickly to face Goldy.
"I spoke with the Writer, and she is coming up with a solution. Till then, we need to distract it before it takes over the world."
"If she'll ever wake up, then we can do that for you," Claec said with a nasty grin.
"Do what?" Wolf asked weakly, recovering. Claec whacked her upaide the head.
"Do not worry me like that again. Now, we need you for the thing."
"The...thing? I'm recovering fro a possession attack, and you want to -''
"We don't have time for this, crybaby! Get your rear in gear and step on it! We're on the clock here!" Odd snapped at her suddenly.
Sighing, Wolf nodeed and stood. "Okay, fine...whenever you're ready."
The threesome turned to face the giant virus, which was transforming again to try and deal with Mithrander, becoming something much worse. Claec whistled. "Well, that makes it easier."
"You host, Oddi-chan," I said. He gave me a strange look.
"Don't call me that."
"I'll call you whatever I want. Now hurry up, we're on the clock here." I gave hima spiteful smile.
He sighed, but didn't respond. I moved to take position beside him. Claec stood on the other side. Odd glanced at us, then nodded at the monster.
"Then lets take down Annie!"

I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:03 pm

"Hosting! Input the password now!"
Quickly entering our password into my armset, all three of us were engulfed in a bright light. When it cleared, we were armed with deadly swords and grappling hooks. Claec sported a dashing goatee, and Odd had a creepy smile on his face. (of course, he usually does) Me, I looked just a bit more boyish.
We faced the rearing female titan before us. "What are the current settings?" I asked.
"Well obviously we're playing Hardcore, the one mode we've never won. I've put our personal settings on 'Respawn' so we should be okay."
"So we get 15 seconds of great and terrible pain before recovering?" I checked. He nodded with a nasty grin. I shook my head. "Sounds fun. I'm ready Oddi-chan!"
He gave me a blank look. I smiled at him and then shot the left hook and was away.
We swung around the Virus we lovingly dubbed Annie. Circling around, I tapped the new mic I recently had installed. "Testing, is everyone there?"
"Loud and clear Wolf!" Claec replied.
"So where are the weak points?"
"Oh, neck, certainly, just like all the others."
"I decided on what Annie means, would you like tomknow?"
"Annoyingly 'Noxious Never-Do-Well in Effect."
Odd's decapitated head went flying past. "Would you two quit gabbing and help me out here? Girls..."
"Oooooh you!" Claec shot after him. I stopped on a buidling, taking a moment to watch and study.
I was surprised surprised by Annie's martial arts abilities, as she kicked Claec out of the air. She was also very good at keeping us from her neck. She snatched Odd out of thin air, and I winced. This would not be pretty.
Suddenly, she toppled over, landing on her hands and knees. Claec appeared on her foot. "Hey guys! Look! I can hurt her ankles,"
"Watch out!"
Annie suddenly stood up, stomping hard on Claec's head. I shook my head wryly, stiffling a groan. Taking careful aim, I shot a hook at her back, and was off."
For a lot of that, I couldn't really tell where I was going. Annie was moving so fast, I was being swung around erratically, struggling to pull myself in. "This was not well thought out," I muttered, taking a swing at Annie's foot.
"Wolf, is that you?" I heard Claec say. "You're about to be stepped on."
"Yeah I know." I swung left juwt in time, going between the legs.
"Guys, keep her busy. I'm going for the neck." I saw Odd jump overhead, making a wild leap for Annie's neck. I crossed my fingers and prayed. Beofre I could see where Odd made it, I was crushed between a thumb and a forefinger.
I respawned on a building a few blocks away. A notice of damage done to Annie's neck popped up. I grinned. "You made it?"
"Yep! I'm gonna do it aga - oh crap."
I watched his arm go flying past and grinned. "Looks like it went well."
"Yes Odd, that was perfectly brilliant!" Clawc congratulated him.
"Might have been better if you'd jump headfirst into her mouth."
"Or if she squashed him in midair."
"What if she stepped on him? "
"Too cliché. Get enough of that from regular titans."
"I feel the love, guys," Odd said in a dry tone.
"Good, because you are," Claec said. Smiling, I fired my hookshot, managing to latch right in the back of her neck. As I was jerked into the air, I prayed I would make it.
I didn't. Odd did though.
The battle continued pretty much the same way. Sometimes we hit the vital spot, most often we were killed. We kept doggedly going, never giving up.
Then, finally, Odd landed the final blow.
Annie staggered, seemed to hesitate a momwnt, then toppled over after a final roar. And suddenlt, we were surrounded by titans.
"Holy cow!" Claec shouted. Odd made a surprised exclamation, then laughed maniacally and leapt intothe fray. Me, I climbed a tree as fast as I could, crossing my fingers as I watched the abberants, jumpers and crawlers trying to get me.
"Its a rootkit!" Mith suddenly said.
"This is fun!" Odd was heard to shout, just as he almost got chomped. I clung to the tree and prayed.
We all suddenly heard a loud beep and looked up. A strange box had appeared overhead, and it had writing on it.
[Danergous files detected! - Delete files?] And beneath it a [Yes] and [No]. This weird arrow symvol appeared and pointed to the [Yes].
The titans suddenly vanished. The world was suddenly reformed into its original state before the Virus broke the fortress.
Claec laughed and pumped her fists. Odd moaned and wished he could have killed all the titans. I shook my head and decided Odd was scarier than Dox.
We had defeated the Dictator, with the help of the Writer. We had won!
I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Wolfsong » Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:11 pm

I'm so sorry it took me so long to finish this...things happened, and I totally forgot about this! I'm so sorry...please don't hate me.

"Wolf! Oh Wolf!!!"
I blinked, groaned, then woke completely as another obnoxious yell assaulted my eardrums. Sighing, I pushed aside a branch for a clearer view. Claec and Odd stood down there, looking around; clearly trying to guess which tree i was in today. I smiled.
Odd glanced around, then kicked a tree, shaking the whole thing from top to bottom. I shuddered, eyes widening. They weren't...
"Wolf. Get down. Now."
I shuddered, then clung to the tree, determined not to come down. Another tree shuddered.
"Where is she?" Claec asked, looking around. "I thought we were going to have fun...did she fall asleep?"
"With all this shaking around? Unlikely. She's probably just trying to spite us."
I closed my eyes, hanging on tight. My tree suddenly shook slightly. I heard their gasps below.
"This sounds different!"
"Wolf! You're up there, I know! Come down or else!"
"No way!" I buried my face in the trunk and held on tight. The whole tree suddenly shook like there was an earthquake. I shook with it, but I didn't let go. I heard them quietly conversing a moment, then the ground really started shaking.
I glanced down just in time to be engulfed by a fiery explosion.

I still don't know how I survived that.
"That is so not funny," I muttered, staring in horror at what remained of my forest.
Odd grinned. "Sorry, but it just...happened. You should have come when we called."
What I found myself looking at, was a portable volcano set right under my tree, or where it used to be. The rest of the forest was a mess of lava and...stuff....that wasn't trees...
My fists clenched, and I turned to face the two of them in fury. "Why?" I asked softly.
Odd and Claec glanced at each other. "Do you think we overdid it?" Claec asked.
"Mybe just a little," Odd agreed.
"What do we do now?"
"Sounds good."
"After you."
"Beauty before age."
"I'm not going to do that, you know."
"You'll have to, because I'm not going first."
"Yes you are."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Are too"
I raised my hands, summoning the pack of wolves I had recently made friends with. Claec and Odd turned slowly, eyes wide as they stared at my army. I smiled sweetly at them.
They whirled around and fled screaming. I smiled and set the wolves on them.
While they were busy with that, I turned and walked away, looking around. I didn't expect to see any of the others around, they'd all gone their separate ways.
Mechana, Goldy and our leaders had gone off, setting up a safe haven for those of us recovering from the war. We'd all agreed it be better if we tried to keep ourselves hidden, and changed our name. We were now simply, the Christian Anime Alliance, hidden behind walls of internet security.
I'd heard Mullet had gone searching for Ringo. In fact, supposedly he'd found him in an old aquarium, and it was a tearful reunion.
Jaden was out tearing castles down right and left seeking his fair princess. According to the rumors, he's decimated over a dozen castles with tanks covered in pictures of cute anime girls, but has yet to find Zelda. Personally, I'm hoping Yuki can keep her safe. No one should be forced to endure that man.
As for the rest of us...the Outside-or-Story-ers, us regular soldiers, we were out making new lives for ourselves. I don't know what happened to all of them, but I do know Claec was trying to start a new war against the sour cream factories, and wanted my help. I've nothing against it, of course, but they're gonna suffer for burning down my forest.
I glanced around, staring at the world around me. It was lovely, this world, and so much nicer without the menacing viruses running around. I hoped that, somehow, it would always stay this way, so peaceful and quiet.
I sighed; I hadn't expected it to really. Smiling, I turned to join the others, and whatever madness they had planned.
Time to start a whole new adventure.


okay, admittedly this was written in a rush because I do not know when I'll next have an opportunity...please don't hate me. I know its horrid. I'll try and edit when I have more time XD
Thanks everyone for such a fun couple of years here. I look forward to spending more with you.
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I....have nothing to say.
Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby Mullet Death » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:47 am

Ringo and I took some time off to get away from it all. He's loving it on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. He's taken a liking to swallowing the occasional tiger shark or nude/streaking beachgoer, so he's popular with the kids. I'll send a postcard.

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Re: Our Story: Revolution

Postby ClaecElric4God » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:32 am

It's beautiful, Wolf. Brings a tear to my eye. You're amazing, you know that?
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