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Re: Cacophony Of The Soul: Select Writings Of Zarn Ishtare

PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 11:04 pm
by Zarn Ishtare

I am blind.

I have left my uniform behind; now I am lost,

tempest tossed

amidst the similarly dissimilar

the unironically individualist collective

unpraying, word spraying corrective action required

An employee hiding among the fired

in the gluten free bread line

convinced in their unearned importance

of course I'm blind, even the time is not the time

it's all up for debate; facts left with the peas on the plate

undesirable ideological vegetables.

I haven't had the need to show such a sheer sheen

a shallow pond like this in years

I am unprompted, audience! Re-enacting movie scene

the singer who sang too long, now repeats his refrain in the theater

crowded in silence

Where did you all go? There were birds once, and puritans and nuts

and all sorts of colorful characters.

I was in love when this began, when my words ran into one another just like this

It's not that you're faithless

it's just that I've held on too long.

But I can't stop singing this song

these are the only notes I know

I'm still building bridges to nowhere where towns once lived

setting too many places at the dinner table, building up hope

till it washes away, my sandcastle setting


All I can do is leave the light on.

I hope that the patterns trace back again, and strangers miraculously return to friends

Aren't we at odds and ends without each other?

How many of you could I possibly be talking to?

Is it permitted to say "All of them?"

I bang a gong

set the lights

check under the stairs

but you are not there

these travelers are like the air,


Well, here I am.

Here I stand, waiting on the lee shore

an amiable ship breaker

waiting on the tide's roar

with friendly lantern lit

Here I sit

until you return, or until I learn how to leave

this beautiful disaster.

Re: Cacophony Of The Soul: Select Writings Of Zarn Ishtare

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:03 am
by Zarn Ishtare
Turning eternal

swimming after her ribbon

following her wake

spinning around the traces

tied up by fate

I'm just chasing the strand

the banner path, the waving flag

from afar, backlit, the light patterning around her hand

sending it back to me

When I catch up with you

we've got some explaining to do

How has this taken so long

my love, so long

She's the tide, pulling me in

pushing me away again

pulling in, pulling me back again.

Re: Cacophony Of The Soul: Select Writings Of Zarn Ishtare

PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:22 am
by Zarn Ishtare
"A word Experiment"

Diamond rain,

ten thousand times ten thousand

window pane perspective, swirling tumbling echo song

raindrop pattern, saving grace, there were stars

there were stars where were your eyes

oh endlessly repeat




come back from the sky

this is my grasp

choir's singing songs to clasp

an eternal moment

stroke the strings, let the music tumble out,
every word and note,
every hum and chord,
let us sing

*here, where there are embers, and ashes*