Looking for ideas for my suite for hosting digital stories

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Looking for ideas for my suite for hosting digital stories

Postby MIBuddy » Mon May 23, 2016 12:50 pm

I've been building a website for hosting digital stories over the past year, though I didn't realize it until I stopped and realized I'd almost finished building something that I'd only planned to oversee sometime in 2021. God's directed me to change my focus with my business to this website and my new mission statement is "Provide the best suite for hosting digital stories."

If you have no idea what that sentence means, no problem, you're not my target market and though you can check out stuff on it feel free to just browse and not give any thought about responding. :lol:

I want feedback from other web serial novel writers, webcomic artists, and general storytellers on what you want out of a CMS and what you think of what I have so far. I can't make it the best suite without knowing what you need, so please let me know!

You can find what I've got at https://storieslc.com/ and some sample stories at https://storieslc.com/dream-high-school/ and https://storieslc.com/0000-is-ma-faffri ... -alfabeht/

That home page is blah and is IMO in serious need of updating. The other pages are better though construction is still a big thing there.

I'm still looking to add comments, but for now the site's features include:
    -Automatic bookmarking
    -Infinite scroll
    -Scheduling story pages
    -Automatic newsletters to readers when a new part goes live
    -A built-in donation-type system with rewards to the readers
    -FTP upload/download
    -No ads
    -And, at the risk of sounding like a total cheese, more!

Let me know what you want and if you're (*excited gasp*) interested in posting your story, new or old, on the site!
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Re: Looking for ideas for my suite for hosting digital stories

Postby TheChocolateGamer » Fri May 27, 2016 12:46 pm

Because God directed you here, I'm certain that this is the best decision for you mate :)

Looks nice. I would like to read some romance , slice of life and/or comical stories in the near future.

I will comment on some of the features you want to include. (Note: just comments, it's your site after all ;) )

- Automatic booking is a good idea. Actually this is the first time I hear about ''automatic booking'' :D (it's like autosave)
- For the donation system they would get a short story for a reward (idea)
- Ads are there for a reason, not just... well... advertising. The makers (in this case you) when making a (possibly) free to use site, the ads actually keep the site running (yes, they are annoying but you can't do anything free)
- No you are not a ''total cheese'' (mmm cheeeese). More WILL come if you work hard on it, but I'm positive you will.

May the Lord guide you in your journey of making the awesome website.


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