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a comedy and fighting manga

Postby Never thirsty! » Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:47 pm

I thought I'd name it bobobo bobo bobobo but that was taken :( so it needs a name it takes place in the very futuristic 60s he's a hippie I had this one scene in my head where one bloak makes a really pitiful rainstorm using his weather controlling powers so the other bloak says "were you trying to water the grass or drown me because the grass is still parched and I could not even wash my hands in that" then you hear a voice in his head(my voice you just have to imagine what i sound like.) say "Ok, timeout, freeze frame you really couldn't have come up with something better let's try this again" then the bad joke bloak(that rhymes!) is like "how will we rewind the clock in a book?" the voice says let me show you where I work" I take him to the room with my copier and say"one button click!" he says "What is this voodoo?" "I say it's what the future holds in the world where the person who gave you speech is" the guy says "So that is what those thingies in the corner are!" it's funnier if you see it just because of the way I draw.
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Re: a comedy and fighting manga

Postby LastLfan » Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:13 pm

I like the idea, it has a very surreal break the 4th wall stunt comedy. Should be good, can't wait to read it
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