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Co-bloggers Wanted

Postby KazeShiki » Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:13 pm

Hey guys, I’m looking for some co-bloggers to start up an otaku Christian blog where we’d be writing mostly toward an otaku/anime fan/atheistic audience. It’s still kind of a rough idea, but first, a little background about myself. I am a really big anime fan/otaku. (Note: I do use the term otaku with hesitation because Western society has a much watered down definition of it, but between the Japanese and Western definition, I think I am closer to the former though probably really somewhere in the middle). I have very few interests outside anime and it’s pretty much where all my free time goes. I’ve always wondered what someone like me can possibly do to serve God. I’m shy and introverted and practically a hikikomori and the only way I can communicate myself well is through writing. But even my writing is meaningless if I have nothing relevant to say about Christianity or any other topic besides anime. I prayed for a long time about what I can do for God, and one day I was given the answer that I can reach out to the anime/otaku community.

I know there are bloggers that approach anime from a Christian perspective and I think that’s great and has its own place for Christian anime viewers. However, I want to be on the opposite side of that spectrum and approach Christianity from an anime fan’s perspective. For example, there are a lot of themes in anime or aspects in anime culture that can be considered…mature or “taboo,” I suppose, that most Christians would just ignore as sinful or too borderline, and rightfully so; I want people who can legitimately address those things from an anime fan’s perspective rather than strictly a Christian’s (though the blog would not be limited to such topics by any means). I want this blog to resonate with anime fans such that they understand we understand them. I want them to look at this blog and think “oh, these people actually know how I feel about x, y, and z.” Because in reality, if people who can appreciate otaku culture do not minister to these people, then who will? No one who would be effective, and probably someone who would do more harm than good.

I want people who are extremely familiar with anime culture beyond just liking anime. There is so much in anime culture beyond the show and by no means do I even know a fraction of it. I’m not so much worried about content or writing style as much as how “otaku” the perspective is. Maybe I’m not making sense and I’m just going to repeat myself endlessly, but I want writers who can really write as an otaku first and foremost. As Christians, we may watch something and think “oh, there is some Christian topic here that I see,” but an otaku would not see it as relevant or important and that is what I want to avoid the most. However, if said topic is actually a major theme then it’s much easier for them to understand how it connects to Christianity. I think Madoka, for example, was just begging to be compared. I guess in the end what I’m trying to say is, would an otaku understand and relate to what you’re writing?

To be honest, I’m not sure there would be many who “qualify” let alone be interested in this. Maybe I’m just being cyncial based on previous experience with Christians people who say they are big anime fans but in reality, don’t know (a better word might be appreciate) much beyond having seen a ton of shows; however, I suppose if the kind of people I am looking for are anywhere, they would be here. I am convinced there is at least one person here though that would be interested because God led me here. Please let me know if you’re interested as I really want this project/blog to succeed or at least set something in motion toward otaku culture. Also, in terms of “commitment,” I really don’t care. The truth is I attempted this about 1.5 years ago when God first put it on my heart. I tried to force myself to write weekly and that did not turn out well because it felt so forced and half-hearted. I was not able to write as I wanted when I needed to find some Christian topic to connect to every week. As a result, one of the reasons I want more people is because I myself would probably only write a blog post once every 3-4 months. As such, I want quality over quantity. Though, if you wanted to write often, go for it. All I care about is quality of writing and ability to write from the perspective of an anime fan first and Christian second (I know this sounds blasphemous but I hope you know what I mean :P)

So, even if you don’t think you’d want/be able to spend time blogging, if this remotely sounds like something you would want to do on the rare occasion, do let me know. I really hope to get a group of relatively diverse people but who all really love and appreciate anime and its culture. In fact, I would not mind having an atheist on board to get a full perspective. I'm also curious what people think of this idea in general. Am I just a crazy person who wrote a wall of text for nothing or could this actually work out well?
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Re: Co-bloggers Wanted

Postby TWWK » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:08 pm

I sent you a PM. :)
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