Sea Princess Azuri

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Sea Princess Azuri

Postby NuclearPeon » Sat May 31, 2008 12:44 am

It's a manga created by an independant artist through TokyoPop.

Allow me to explain:

The story is a love story of sorts, a classic one at that. The art is beautiful and very much suited for younger audiences, (The book itself states 8-12) but that's not to say you wouldn't enjoy it either.

The characters are well develop(ing)ed and sweet, plus the underwater environment is refreshing too.

I really feel that this author deserves some publicity, as she is quite good. (And only 23 years old, for you aspiring manga artists.) is her website.
Now for you skittish types, I will mention that the characters, while very much decent, are also shapely. Which equates beautiful, but nonetheless.
Worth a look.
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