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Postby Mr. Rogers » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:32 pm

Don’t Waste Time. Set Concrete Goals And Keep Your Day On Track.

"It’s happened to me so many times. I wake up. Get dressed. Have breakfast. Sort out my to do list. I pick away at them here and there. Have lunch. Have dinner. Then get to the end of my day. I get everything done, but I have a feeling it shouldn't have taken me as long as it did.

Tasks always have a way of filling up as much time as you give them."

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Re: Jim Rogers' Blog

Postby FourFourSeven » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:50 pm

OH MAN, I've been there! In fact, I'm still there. Worse yet, it's like I've lost my passport in order from me to get out of there.
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

"Why can't EVERYTHING be rocket propelled?!"
-Mattias Nilsson, Mercenaries 2: World In Flames
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