July Prayer Month

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July Prayer Month

Postby Zeke365 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:02 am

I would like to announce something that I will be doing in the month of July. A couple of times the Lord has asked me to take the Daniel fast and pray for America for the month of July.
Pray that United States for which we stand are united not divided, get together and pray to God our Father in Heaven on everything that happening here, pray for your leaders, pray for your friends, pray for your enemies, etc. Many may not realize it but were still at war, and it spiritual war to.
There a virus on my foot that I having have to treat to get rid of the infection, well there virus in America that's happening and it needs to be treated not more bandages on it.
Those who are asleep will miss it and those who are awake will get it. So join with me in Prayer for the United States of America in the Month of July.
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