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About the CAA Reviews System

Thanks for your interest in the CAA Reviews System! Please take a moment to read through the Terms of Service, disclaimers, copyright notices and other information about this system. Please note that use of this system constitutes understanding and acceptance of these terms.

While this system is designed to meet the needs of several user groups, the primary audience of this system is the viewer or parent of a viewer who wishes to obtain a Christian perspective on the various titles listed within. While several Internet sites exist to provide reviews of the merrit of various titles, this site seeks to provide reviews based on the content of of the titles. As a result, users of this service may find the descriptions of a series to be lacking in detail characteristic of more in-depth services.

Any user who contributes data to this system shall retain all right to said data except as specified herein. Contribution of data to this system constitutes granting limited license to the ownership of Christian Anime Alliance (CAA) for use in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The owners and staff of CAA will hold no copyright to any material posted in this system except where content has been generated by a said owner or staff member. Additionally, rights are granted to the owners and staff of this board for editing purposes.

In addition to copyrights, persons who contribute content to this system shall retain all liability associated there with. While the owners and staff of CAA retain the right edit any and all content to ensure it remains appropriate for the board's target audience, CAA does not moderate all submissions, and therefore cannot guarentee that all data will be suitable for said audiences.

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Use of this system constitutes understanding and acceptanece of the above terms.